How to find the best accommodation for your next trip

How to find the best accommodation for your next trip

Traveling soon? Accommodation is one of the heftiest costs when going on a journey. Cutting costs when looking for a place to rest at can lead to big savings (more food or activities to try!).

Regardless of your lodging preferences—may it be in a hotel, hostel, Airbnb place, or the likes—there are a lot of affordable rooms you can find which won’t sacrifice your comfort over the value of your money.

Looking for a hotel room or lodging of any kind can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for beyond a comfortable bed and nice shower. Whether it be a fine hotel accommodation or an Airbnb room, here are ways on how to score the best hotels that fit within your budget.

Timing and location is key

When is your trip? When will you book your room? Is it going to be around peak, off-peak, or shoulder season? Your travel dates vary greatly when looking for room accommodations. As you may know, much like how flight prices drop during shoulder season, room rates are also fairly low during this time.

You may also want to consider the location. If you’re looking to find a room to stay at for a few hours a day in a major city, at peak season, don’t expect to find cheap rates.

Compare rates online

There are plenty of handy apps and websites that compares hotel prices for you. On Airbnb, you can compare prices as you scroll the page and check out potential lodging for you. One thing to note, though, is the surcharges.

Some websites and deals can be overlooked, as you book your room or worse, secure payment as you leave the hotel, next thing you know you’ve been billed more than the initial amount. To make sure the rate listed is firm and includes taxes and the likes, call the hotel and ask.

Sign up for memberships or loyalty programs

A good and harmless way to get up to date on any hotel deals and promos is to subscribe to their mailing list and sign up for their loyalty programs. Doing so could get you a free upgrade—a free night’s stay, for instance.

Check out the amenities

If you think you’ve found a great accommodation, whether it be a hotel or the likes, look at the fine print before you book your reservation. Make sure you are given the necessities and comfort you’re looking for such as WiFi internet (yes, it’s a necessity nowadays), use of swimming pool, and the likes.

You’re going to get what you pay for, if you want an A+ service, shell out a little more. If hostels or Couchsurfing isn’t a problem to you, your call. As long as you’re safe and secure, and comfortable in the room you booked for your trip, everything should work well.

Consider lodging on non-major sites

As mentioned earlier, accommodations in big cities and at peak season means higher rates. Also, there are more hotels the internet have yet to suggest, most likely these are small hotels who can’t be bothered to pay search sites for promotion and commissions.

Read up on budget travel blog entries surrounding your travel destination and you might just get a tip on where to stay for cheap.

Look at your other options

There are a lot of other options you can choose from besides hotels and hostels. You can book a shared room accommodation with fellow travelers. There’s Airbnb, Couchsurf, and other sites and apps that can help you with your travel accommodation needs.

Seriously, the internet is your friend when looking for lodging recommendations and suggestions. Even go as far as looking up hotels on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites with geo-location tag to where people have checked-in for a night’s stay.

What other ways do you think can help our fellow travelers find an accommodation that breathes comfort and won’t break the bank. Share your tips with us!

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