How to find cheap flights to fly from the UK to Australia

There is so much that can inspire one to visit Australia, other than the fact that they might be from the country of course. The sixth largest country by total area in the world has got a lot of places for people to visit, and with a diverse culture that welcomes tourism, Australia’s unique aquatic destinations are worth checking out. Whatever your reasons are for needing to travel from the United Kingdom to Australia, there is a guideline to finding cheap flights which I will share with you in this article.

Determine the cheapest time to fly

From the Mid April up until the end of June, flights to Australia are basically at the lowest fares possible. Most people do not travel during this period, except maybe for business and then a little pleasure. Also, departures scheduled in the middle of the week is always less expensive because fewer people travel during this time and this goes on all year round. Flying out on days after a festive period can also attract significant fare savings.

When to make your booking

Always book in advance. The further the time for the trip is, the lower the fare drops till it gets to the limit the airline is willing to accept. Also, make a consistent date with flight sales events that occur almost on a yearly basis and take advantage of the huge deals they offer.

The best airport to come in through

Depending on your final destination is in Australia, fares between the different airports are not so much. Perth and Darwin are closer to London, and if you intend driving the Great Ocean Road and still enjoy lower fares, Adelaide is a better alternative.

The best way to make your booking

Going through an agent is often cheaper than buying directly from the airline. Airline agents understand the different routes to all the destinations which make it easy for them to create interesting stopovers. So, contacting agents will help a traveler take advantage of the discounted fares provided by the Airline. As you try to book, consider contacting more than two agents at least and compare the different deals they are offering before you get on with the booking.

Locate the cheapest airlines

According to public opinion, the airlines with the lowest ticket fares offer alternative routes, and the journey ends up taking a longer time than other airlines who take the fastest routes but happen to be more expensive. The interesting thing about these unusual routes is that they come with fascinating stopovers, the only limitation being that one can only get the booking through an agent.

Take advantage of youth and student fares

There are a few travel agencies that offer discounted tickets to students or young adults under the age of twenty-six years. The flexibility these tickets offer is usually more than that of the standard tariffs, because of the additional lower rates for managing the flight booking.

Where to get more advice

Virgin airlines phone number is available to call for advice and other concerns

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