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How To Rename Cortana In Windows 10

is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 (where it now supersedes Bing Mobile), Microsoft Band, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

If you are using this function on more devices, maybe you know the situation when you say “Hey Cortana”, and you receive an answer from your computer, phone and Xbox.

What you can do is to rename Cortana on some of your devices.

Here is the way, how to rename Cortana in Windows 10.

Download and run an app called MyCortana. The UI of the app looks uncluttered and is simple to use.

To replace the phrase Hey Cortana with the phrase of your choice, click ‘Settings’ at the top of the app’s home screen.



Open the Settings screen and hit the ‘+’ button on the right-hand side to add a new command. Then, add the line of text you would like to use as the phrase to replace ‘Hey Cortana’. MyCortana App allows a user to add up to 10 different names for Cortana. Give Cortana a name of your choice and save it. This name will replace ‘Hey Cortana’ phrase.

This way, you can personalize Cortana experience by changing the voice command “Hey Cortana” to anything from “Dear Lord” to “Hello Dolly” or anything you can possibly think of.

Once you’ve configured the new name and phrase, you can minimize the app and allow it to run in the system tray. The app is simple to use and does not changes or alters default search settings of Cortana in any way. It silently resides in the background. You can even set it to run at every Windows boot.


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