How to Plan Effective Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive More Traffic

How to Plan Effective Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive More Traffic

2018 started with a lot of technological advancements in the digital industry that has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and organizations which are thriving to put a foot in the digital arena. The premises are not broken and this year we have come across some of the best digital marketing strategies that can drive more traffic to your website in a proper way. From an e-commerce business to the electoral campaigns, from medicines to gaming zones everyone who wants to address the customers using websites and social media platforms.

Whether you are a celebrity or a business brand, you need to build your brand online for all your promotional campaigns and branding in front of your customers. In today world it will be incomplete without approaching people digitally. Considering these changes, one needs to have a plan and accurate strategies for digital marketing in 2018 that will help you get more traffic and to generate sales for your business.

Some facts: According to a ‘Managing Digital Marketing’ study by Smart Insights, 46% of brands fail to have a good and a clearly defined digital marketing strategy; on the other hand 16% do have a strategy but haven’t yet unified it into their marketing activity. But in case if you do not have any plan and expect your website traffic to grow then you should go for meaningful and effective digital marketing strategies.
So, here you go with some of the effective digital marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your website:

Create Good Quality In-Depth Content

We all know that content is the king and that’s what is explained in this paragraph. For an online business, you cannot skip good content on the website. A website without any content is not worth for the visitors and will not generate any kind of traffic. Even Google pay and give an advantage to good content on the website that will, in turn, helps in search engine rankings. This high-quality content can be in web responsive forms like – snippets, rich answers, knowledge graph etc. The right use of keywords is also something worthy to use in content which grand search engine attention.

What does it mean? Google wants to give a better user experience to their users and also wants users to spend a good chunk of time in the search results. Featured snippets results are stealing lots of traffic from sites that are ranking at number #1, #2 and #3 positions in organic results. So you might be ranking for a particular keyword at #4 or #5 but still, you can get more traffic by featuring in Snippets results.

Security is what matters – SSL certificates

When we talk about security, we immediately think about hacking and other malicious activities occurring on our website. What shall be done for this is very simple – get an SSL certificate for your website which offers green padlock sign and a trust seal in the address URL. This offers strong encryption of information which is shared between the web browser and the server. These certificates help in online security and create an extra layer of protection with the SSL certificates. These certificates can be issued from SSL service providers like Thawte SSL certificate, Global Sign etc. Comodo SSL is one of the most trusted and affordable SSL Certificate type. Cheap SSL Shop offers Comodo SSL Certificate at cheapest price. You can buy Comodo SSL certificates at affordable price from here.

Social Media Marketing

When we talk Work on social media channels about digital marketing strategies for traffic generation then we shall not miss working on social media platforms. Embrace the right use of these platforms and connect them to your website so that you can get a good amount of traffic directly to your website. There are channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and many other new social media channels will help you to reach out a large number of visitors that can, in turn, help you to drive some good amount of traffic to your website. Platforms like – Snapchat, Instagram Stories and etc. will give companies and professionals a new channel to experiment with their targeted groups and audiences.

Create a Remarkable User Experience

Google measures the metrics of a website with bounce rates and audiences reach. By developing a good user experience will definitely inspire people to stick around longer on your web page and end up buying a product or use your services. The more time spent on page, bookmark the page and share your site, the better the rankings will be.

Increase the Page Load Time

With good user experience there comes the excellent page load time as well. When a website is developed it shall be responsive and should scroll up faster. If the pages will take more time to load then this may affect the customer’s experience and might turn back to another website for their need. You would not want this to happen, thus the site speed is one of the most important factors in delivering an exceptional user experience and eventually helping in generating the good amount of traffic. Choose a good SSL certificate from cheap SSL shop so that you get the best deal.

Running a PPC and Social Media Ads

Using social media if you want traffic to one thing and generating traffic via running PPC campaign is another aspect which is lucrative enough for a website owner. Your website can get good leads and traffic by running ads on Facebook etc. moreover; your website will have been paid-for ads and will get the job done quicker than your organic efforts. Just be sure of using right demographics and keywords and other details needed for running a PPC campaign.

Backlink Building

There are a host of ways to accomplish building more links to your site. It’s comparatively easy to post content on sites where you can get help in building your content and articles easily by just not getting buried. Try reaching out to relate and authority sites that can give your SEO and site visitors a good boost. This has to be a two-pronged approach. The more links you get to your website more will be the traffic and higher will be your SERP ranking.

Search Engine Marketing SEO

What it is: it is Search engine marketing (SEM) which is the practice of directing more amount of traffic to your website with the help of site optimization and paid online ads. These SEO tools will allow you to remain on the top list of search engine results and your pages will rank well. With effective SEO and PPC on your website, there are always great chances to get a ranking boost on the search engines.

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How to Plan Effective Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive More Traffic
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How to Plan Effective Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive More Traffic
2018 started with a lot of technological advancements in the digital industry that has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and organizations which are thriving to put a foot in the digital arena.
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