How to make Google Chrome faster 11

How to make Google Chrome faster

Chrome running slow? This tweaks might help you to make Google Chrome faster. We will show you how to make Chrome less annoying and much faster.


4 Ways How to make chrome faster

1. Disable hardware acceleration

Google Chrome supports GPU hardware acceleration, which means it doesn’t need to rely solely on the CPU to render web pages. This should be a good thing, and it should speed things up. In many cases it is, but hardware acceleration in Chrome can also cause problems including keyboard and mouse lag, slow performance, scrolling glitches and tabs not loading.

How to turn hardware acceleration off

Go to settings

at the bottom click “show advanced settings…”

Under System headline uncheck box with hardware acceleration

You must restart your browser. Sometimes is better to restart your computer.



2. Disable unwanted extension

Chrome extensions are small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience. But they can also cause problems with chrome speed.

How to disable them

Go to settings

Choose extensions card

Either uncheck the box to disable the extension or click on the trash can icon to delete it.

Restart your browser


3. Disable not used plugins

Some of the plugins installed in your browser can cause slow performance. Check it and disable some of them you don’t need.

How to disable plugins in Chrome

Type “about:plugins” or “chrome://plugins/” in the address bar

You will see list of installed plugins. Click the Disable link for every plugin you don’t need.


4. Clear browsing history

Sometimes the history database can become very large and may slow down Chrome.

How to clear history in Chrome

Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar or go to History panel, click history

Click Clear browsing data

In the panel you can choose which data you want to clear. We recommend deleting at least cached images and files from the beginning of time.



Do you have other ways how to make Chrome faster? Post a comment bellow.

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