How to Improve Cloud Computing Security

How to Improve Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud computing is a widely and largely accepted tool as it makes individuals, organizations and institutions increase functionality, lower cost, and enhance convenience. Due to the rapid acceptance of Cloud Computing Solutions by the masses and giant organizations, data security has also become vital; however, nobody can still claim it invincible. Therefore, its security should be the top priority. Most of us use cloud computing without a hitch, nevertheless, when it comes to the secure cloud computing, we wonder what needs to be done.

The following top seven tips give you an insight how you can safeguard your cloud computing:

1. Never Keep Your Sensitive Data on Cloud

Data is always valuable no matter what type of data it is. You never know who can use and manipulate it. And when it comes to your sensitive information, you have to be double sure that the place you are keeping it is highly secure. Although, many cloud platforms provide cloud integration services with full security and firewalls are built to keep it secure, but in case you do not find it protected, never take the risk of establishing your data on the cloud.

2. Go Through the Agreement

A thorough reading of the agreement to find out how your cloud service storage works can give you a clear insight of how cloud service functions. The user agreement of the service will explain every minute detail clearly. Undoubtedly, it’s extremely difficult and tedious to go through such text volumes; however, this is the only document that contains essential information related to the security of your cloud data.

3. Be Serious About your Passwords

We know that you are aware of it; however, this sweet reminder will make you aware of the fact that your so-called secure password is not at all safe. Yes, it is a fact that 90 percent of passwords can be cracked without putting many efforts. Behind most of the online frauds, there is one story of vulnerable passwords that we have. Besides, what puts you in the real trouble is the doubling of your email password for other services you use, for instance, your Facebook account, and this is the real trap as you get all your login information and forgotten passwords always come to your email.

4. Try Encryption

Encryption is the best way to protect your data. You can easily encrypt your data by following a few simple steps. The handiest way is to zip files and encrypt them with a password. While creating the archive check the “Protect with a password” option, put the password in and then you can move it to the cloud. If you want to share it with someone simply shares the password with the person.

5. Go for the Encrypted Cloud Service

To safeguard your data, one of the easiest ways while using cloud storage is to look for one that gives local encryption for your data. This offers an extra layer of security since decryption will be required before you can be granted access to the data. Well-known as the zero-knowledge proof in cryptography, your data will be protected against the service providers and administrators themselves.

6. Have A Secure Password

To secure your data against malicious hackers, ensure that your password can stand a hacking or cracking attempt. Besides going for a unique combination, we recommend that you change it frequently and do not repeat it across other accounts. Moreover, if your cloud service gives the option, you can go for the much more secure two-step verification for your login. The verification code sent to the mobile phone provides the extra security on top of just your password to be able to access your cloud data.

7. Check Your Online Behavior

To a large extent, the security of your cloud data relies on what you do online, especially on public computers or connections. Do you choose not to save the password while using public computers? Or do you make sure that you logged out of your account once you are done? Saving passwords and leaving it logged in exposes you to the risk of strangers accessing your account.


Cloud computing is rapidly affecting the business environments and has become the need of the hour. However, it’s important to make sure your data remains protected on the clouds. Besides the aforementioned tips, you can protect your system with anti-virus and anti-spy; security question check etc. to sail safely through the cloud and beat the malicious attempts of hackers who try to intrude your accounts. Moreover, by bringing these tips into play, you can rest assured that your precious data is secure.

How to Improve Cloud Computing Security?
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How to Improve Cloud Computing Security?
Cloud computing is a widely and largely accepted tool as it makes individuals, organizations and institutions increase functionality, lower cost, and enhance convenience.
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