How to identify what song is playing

How to identify what song is playing

Are you listening the song and want to find out what is the name of the song and artist? Today in smartphone age it’s really easy. We will show you several options how to find out what song is playing.


Using Android phone:

With android phone in your hand you have several options. We will show you 2 most common.


  1. Download and install from Google Play store application Shazam
  2. Open it in your android phone
  3. Tap the main screen of app during listening of the song you want to identify.
  4. After few seconds will Shazam brings you result

Google now voice commands

Simply launch Google Now, and say “What song is this“, “What is this song“, or “Name this song“, and Google Now will listen to it for a while, and present you with the results. If you have installed Shazam app, you can also use command “Shazam this song”


Using Iphone:

If you have Iphone, you can also use Shazam.

Or you can ask directly to Siri: “What song is this?“, “What is currently playing?” or “Name that tune.

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