How to create a strong and easy to remember password

How to create a strong and easy to remember password

Using passwords is the common way of authorizing in various Internet services. Often a password is the only barrier on the way of malefactors who try to get access to your personal data (information about credit cards, banking accounts, application licenses, personal IDs, correspondence, etc.) That is why it is extremely important to create secure and strong passwords.


Follow these tips for creating a strong password:

  • According to new recommendation, the best way to create a strong password is to create “passphrases”, a sequence of randomly chosen words that do not need to feature special characters or numbers. For example “todayduckshovelpublicbeen 
  • a password should be made up of eight characters or more;
  • a password can contain digits, Latin characters, and special characters (“$”, “?”, “!”, “<“, “>”, “””, “#”, “%”, “@”, etc.);
  • you can create a strong password which includes a combination of upper- and lower-case alphabetic letters and digits;
  • the same password should not be used for different web services.
  • You can also add in an identifier for each site (for example eb=ebay, fb=facebook) – not recommended anymore!


Suggested strong passwords

Your password should look like

todayduckshovelpublicbeen  – extremely strong

1nForm@t1onal – Strong

Ftr&dit1onaLB – strong (Facebook) or Ttr&dit1onaLW (twitter) – Strong


Try to avoid in a password:

  • common words or set expressions;
  • any easy-to-guess sequences like qwerty123456789qazxsw etc.;
  • personal data: first and last names, your or your relatives’ birthdays, names of your pets, addressespassport numberssocial security numbers, etc.; passwords from other applications (e-maildatabases, etc).


How to keep your strong password secure:

  • do not tell your password to other people;
  • do not enter your password on other computers (especially in public places);
  • do not keep your password written together with the login;
  • do not keep your passwords in a prominent place.


Too many passwords? No problem!

To manage all your passwords you can use one of the available programs. We are recommending Password Safe, but there are many various programs for password management.


Suggested Password generator


Updated 09/06/2017 according to new information

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