How to make any small bedroom more functional

Living in a small house can be limiting, let alone, rest in a tiny bedroom. With barely a vanity mirror, a work desk, cabinets, and storage fitting in your room, it can be a little too difficult when it comes to organizing and decorating your space. It is and will be a challenge—one you can easily conquer.

Don’t let the small space literally keep and cramp you in a box, think beyond it. Think of ways on how you can maximize every little inch of free space without overdoing it and still maintaining a breathable room.

How? Here are 5 simple and easy ways to make your tiny bedroom feel larger and more functional.

Find a storage wherever available

When you have a tiny bedroom that only fits a bed, a cabinet, a small desk, and just enough space for breathing, you’d want to maximize any and all available storage space possible.

You can utilize over-the-door racks for shoe storage, command hooks to hang your bags or other stuff with, and the likes. Use the space under your bed to hide seasonal decors or plainly for extra storage.

Maximize the available vertical space

Speaking of looking for and utilizing any storage available, look around your tiny bedroom and see where else there could be available space for your other stuff? If you’ve got blank walls, use that and create a vertical storage space.

Your walls aren’t just for hanging up art and a photo gallery, it can serve as a brilliant space-saving storage if you just take advantage of the height. How? Install or place tall bookcases or cabinets to maximize the available space. You can choose to use hooks or other solutions as well.

Anything is a table if you want it to be

A small chair? That’s enough for a coffee table. Work table, vanity table—what’s the difference? They can be used for both purposes. Stop wasting your money purchasing two tables which will only occupy more space. One table is enough for one tiny room. Make compromises.

Opt for double-duty types of furniture

When you have a small bedroom, you might want to find the best quality and purposeful furniture there are. Instead of just a plain bed frame, opt for one that has built-in storage drawers. Don’t look for a vanity table for the sake of putting stuff on something, find one that has at least one or more drawers to stash in more of your things. The solution to loving your tiny bedroom is to find the perfect furniture and storage spaces that will keep everything at bay and convenient given the circumstance.

Get rid of clutter

There’s nothing more cramping-looking than clutter everywhere your eyes lay upon. Purge your bedroom. Get rid of all the things you no longer use and unnecessary to you and your lifestyle. Organize accordingly especially when it comes to storage so you won’t go rummage through a lot every now and then. If you need to label them, do it. A clean and neat space makes any room appear bigger.

Keep in mind the foot traffic in your room. You only have very limited space, make the most of it without limiting it further.

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Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. She also writes for the HR Dept UK, professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business.
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