How to Light the Pool

Illuminating the pool makes it feel like a luxury retreat setting. You will feel like you are on a vacation without leaving your compound. Lighting the pool also makes it appear attractive from inside the house. With perfect lighting, one can enjoy the beauty even when not swimming.


Pool lighting ideas

Highlighting plants and trees

The ideal way to create a resort feel is to surround the pool with dense scenery and then light it during the night. Even if your landscape seems too small to light, there are experts who can perfectly highlight a three-foot Japanese maple with a soft 200 or 150 lumen bulb. When the trees grow, the light bulb can be changed but the fixtures will remain. The lighting gets adjusted as the landscape matures.

And if your pool region is surrounded by big trees, the majestic maple will require 2 or 3 fixtures to light it artistically. One should have a narrow beam that penetrates high in the trees and the other one should have a wider beam that can spread to accentuate the branches and the leaves.

Lastly, if tall perennials are growing in the beds, bullets lights will be used with directional up-lighting to acquire some elevation.


Lighting the pool from the top with lights fixed on roof gables or in trees provides the illusion of moonlight. If your pool is surrounded by big trees, lights get installed at the branches above to appear like natural moonlight. This creates shadows from the leaves and branches on to your pool.

And if you have no trees, the author website guarantees that the exact effect can be created by mounting lights on your home’s gables and soffits.

Pool deck lighting

It is possible that there are so many activities near the pool. In-ground lights are a wonderful idea to light the way. You will not have to worry about the lights getting destroyed, bumped or tripping your visitors.

Even if your pool deck is concrete, there are experts who can who can drill five-inch concrete cores out of it and place fixtures that will light the nearby trees.

Lighting structures

Constructions around the pool should not be ignored because they can become part of the resort ambience. If you have a pergola at your pool region, it is probably the place where you go to have some shade and a drink after swimming.

However pergolas provide some magic when they are illuminated at night. Uplights held at the bottom of a pergola post or installed in the floor highlight your structure’s architecture.

And to get a party atmosphere, trendy bistro lighting can be added with strings of lights on top.

The ease of LEDs

Everyone who owns a swimming pool wants to enjoy it without agonizing about landscape illumination maintenance. This means having long lasting simple to care LED lighting. Experts recommend replacing halogen bulbs yearly. LEDs get replaced only when they fail and they can last for around fifty thousand hours.

If halogen light system is replaced with LED system, you will never worry about replacing your bulb for a very long time.



Those are some of the best artistic pool lighting ways. With light, you will enjoy your swimming pool more.



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Rebecca Vaxon
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