How to Go Solar in 2020

2021 is a great time to be a solar user. Besides the lockdown due to this coronavirus pandemic, most people are not working, and hence electricity bills are just plain frustrating. The good news is that if you’re in Idaho, most solar panel installers are ready to install more solar panels compared to what they’ve installed in the past five years. Idaho, like other several states in the US’ Rocky Mountain Region, has abundant sunshine that renders it a suitable location where one can install solar panels. There are great existential rebates and incentives to Idaho businesses and homeowners for solar installations. There is a current tax credit going on until 2022, so if you’re at all contemplating going solar, these next few years will save you the most money. If you cannot be decisive in regards to solar installation, it is possible to fill in a concise solar inquiry document to get experienced and reputable solar installers where you’re located in Idaho. Filling the form to get a local company representative is obligation free, secure, and free. Understandably, it might be a daunting task to know if a power purchase agreement, lease, or solar ownership is a good option for your house. A solar expert can walk you through the process and help decide which route is best for your specific needs. 


The Process of Installing Solar Panels

Before commencing to install a solar panel, it is imminent that solar panel experts usually set up a meeting initially in your house to ascertain that you’re a qualified solar energy candidate. Experts will, besides, check your roof’s condition and the status of the electricity in your home. The experts will examine the shading, angle, and type of the roof inclusive of other aspects such as your history of energy usage to ensure that the process of installing a solar panel is seamless.  


After verification that you’re qualified, a design team is going to plan with you to create an efficiency plan which will maximize your roofing. In case you have a query, Idaho solar panel companies currently offer virtual solar consultations to safeguard you during this pandemic and also help you save the costs of visiting the companies. You can discuss with the solar installers about the available financing options, tax credits, and even the entire process. After deciding the best financing option for your home, the solar panel installers will sign and create a solar installation agreement. After which you can leave the rest of the necessary permits to the solar installing company of your choice. It is advisable to go for a company that talks about future investments.  


After completion of the solar panel installation, project coordinators are going to assist you in getting a system correctly set up to your grid. City inspectors will also come out to ensure that everything was done in accords with the code. Then an electrical company will come to ascertain that the job was expertly done. After passing the inspection, then the solar panels can be turned on. Voila, you can now enjoy your savings and be satisfied. With solar panels in your home, be ascertained of clean energy as well as cost savings. 


Benefits of using solar panels in Idaho

Simple Process

The panel installers will guide you via the process. You will be covered from the planning process all the way through to the installation. 

Save Money

Due to installation volumes done by Idaho solar panel companies, you will be sourced with a system component for a friendly price and consequently help you save money. 


You are guaranteed a long term warranty with just about any solar panel company you go through. Most warranties come standard for 25 years. 


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