How to decor your home? Here are some emerging concepts

How to decor your home? Here are some emerging concepts

What are 10 must-have home improvements to increase value, comfort and energy efficiency? What are the most cost-effective home remodelling projects (based on cost versus value ratings)? What cutting-edge features are home buyers demanding?

Dream Home Features

Remodelling your home provides you with a prime opportunity to transform its appearance and functionality. There are many ways to improve your home. Think about if you want to focus your next home improvement project on comfort, appearance, security, space or efficiency.

The best home improvement project will improve the ways that residents can use their living space. You can transform your boring old wooden box into modern living, breathing smart home. Here are 10 must-have home improvements that can increase value, energy efficiency and livability, the most.

1. Attic Insulation

According to Remodeling, the best cost versus value rating for 2016 was the 116.9% of the fibreglass attic insulation home improvement (all cost versus value ratings mentioned hereafter will be from this 2016 source). Heat rises, and most of the home heat loss is through the attic. With attic insulation, your home remains nice and toasty, while keeping your energy bills low.

Any cost versus value rating above 100% means that you actually save money with this home remodelling project. This is truly what you can’t afford to make this improvement means. You can gain more control over your utility bills with insulation and other eco-friendly features.

2. Modern Bathroom

Is your bathroom like an antique store with rusty pipes and out-of-date features? One of the most cost-effective home improvements is to create a modern bathroom. The cost versus value rating for bathrooms is about 70.4%.

Teenagers might like improved lighting and larger mirrors. Senior citizens might like a walk-in bathtub and heated toilet seat. The latest trend is to add a light grey finish to your bathroom to create a look of distinction.

3. Spacious Kitchen

And, right behind the bathroom is the kitchen. Your wife spends a lot of time making your delicious family meals. Why don’t you give her a modern kitchen with centre islands, more cabinet space and a granite top – just like she sees on television?

Allow her to explore her culinary side. A major kitchen remodels might deliver a cost versus value rating of 64.9%. You could even add a smart oven, which has recipes already programmed into it.

4. Solar Panels

The modern home has become self-contained and self-sufficient. You can achieve this with solar panel system installation. How can you afford this eco-friendly upgrade?

You can turn to Pace 101 to fund many of these home improvements. Pace offers no money down financing for eligible home improvements that lower your energy bills. You can improve energy-efficiency and your home value with the best home improvement.

5. Backup Power Generator

If you have lived in the Third World, you might understand that a backup power generator is what differentiates a lower-class home from a middle-class home. There, the electricity is not reliable. You might be surprised that a backup power generator has a cost versus value rating of 59.4%.

That is because no matter where you live, the electricity fails. California has had rolling brownouts. If you have Haagen Dazs ice cream or T-Bone steaks in your freezer, then a backup power generator could prevent your treats from spoiling.

6. Steel Door

The #1 home improvement addition before 2016 was the steel door. You can improve your aesthetics, security and energy-efficiency in one fell swoop. Your front door is not only an for humans, but also for drafts, which can lead to higher utility bills.

7. Deck

Once you have a deck, you have made it. You can host your friends and business clients on game day. A wooden deck addition has a cost versus value rating of 75.0%.

8. Second Story

Some houses are entry level. They might be very good for a first-time home buyer. If you add a second story – with a 69.3% cost versus value rating – you can increase its curb appeal.

9. Manufactured Stone Veneer

Another home improvement with a very high cost versus value rating of 92.9% is manufactured stone veneer. A stone facade looks more permanent. You can get these manufactured stone veneers in all types of colours, designs and textures.

10. Smart Home

“Home, start the coffee maker.” Moreover, the modern smart home technology could make your entire life easier. You can check up on the children from remote locations with cameras.

Would you even call WiFi, a smart technology? Shouldn’t that be standard on all modern homes? This could allow you to work from home.

Home security has been raised to the nth degree with all of the smart technology available. You can set up cameras, motion detectors and even speakers to create an impenetrable fortress. These can be linked to your smartphone, so if there is a burglar, you could tell him over the speakers – “You better put down my flat screen television because the police are just around the corner.”

Green energy enthusiasts love smart homes that turn the heat down automatically, close drapes in the evening or warn you if your appliances need to be repaired. Your entire home could become its own smart computer. Improve your comfort with smart home technology.

Home Improvement ROI

Homes are a great investment in the first place. But, when you add financing for home improvement projects, you can get the best of all worlds – optimising your return on investment (ROI). You can improve your home, enjoy the new features and have a more valuable asset to boot.

Every homeowner is different. Think about what you value most in a living environment. Then, select the right home improvement project to deliver the best bang for the buck.

How to decor your home? Here are some emerging concepts
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How to decor your home? Here are some emerging concepts
What are 10 must-have home improvements to increase value, comfort and energy efficiency? What are the most cost-effective home remodelling projects (based on cost versus value ratings)?
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