How To Use Fabric Glue

How To Use Fabric Glue

Whether you’re jazzing up an old jacket, or sewing together a whole new garment, fabric glue is an incredibly versatile option that can make your life easier.  Sometimes it can be used in place of stitching, and sometimes it can be deployed in tandem with traditional needlework.  Let’s have a look at some of the situations best suited to fabric glue, and how to use it effectively.



Fabric glue is a brilliant tool when you want to repurpose items of clothing, such as jackets or shoes.  An old denim jacket can be revitalized by using fabric glue to stud it, or decorate with rhinestones.  Simply use a fabric glue that doesn’t wash out, and choose one with a needle-nose applicator.  This will allow you to have complete control over the amount of glue you apply.  Apply dots of glue in your preferred pattern, and then add your studs, crystals or rhinestones.  Press firmly into the glue and leave to dry.  

How To Use Fabric Glue

Likewise, an old pair of shoes can be given a new lease of life.   Spread fabric glue evenly over the shoe’s surface, and then coat in glitter. Once the glitter is even covering the shoe, simply spray with clear coat, leave to dry, and then apply another layer of clear coat.  Once dried, that old, dull pair of shoes will be completely transformed.



Basting usually involves using long stitches or pins to prepare for sewing – but this is where fabric glue can save time and effort.  Long stitches need to be unpicked once the sewing is complete, and pins can be fiddly to extract.  Simply use a fabric glue that dissolves in the wash, and basting becomes a part of garment making that is quick, simple and easy.How To Use Fabric Glue

Pockets and Repairs

Some things require stitching, and others glue, but often they can work in tandem.  Sewing pockets onto the front of a dress or shirt can be tricky and frustrating – not because of the sewing element, but rather the difficulty in getting the pocket aligned correctly.  Many a fine piece of needlework has had to be unpicked due to a wonky alignment.  This problem disappears forever when using fabric glue. Use a washable fabric glue to align the pocket perfectly and then sew it on.  The glue will disappear in the wash, and the pocket will be as straight and aligned as a Roman road.

How To Use Fabric Glue

Likewise, anything from a hole in your jeans to a frayed hem can be repaired quickly with fabric glue.  If you notice a fraying hem but haven’t the time to whip your needles out, simply use fabric glue to refasten, and then sew it up when you have the chance.  Similarly, a patch can be applied quickly and easily to a pair of jeans, and then have stitches added at a more convenient time.

How To Use Fabric Glue
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How To Use Fabric Glue
Whether you're jazzing up an old jacket, or sewing together a whole new garment, fabric glue is an incredibly versatile option that can make your life easier.
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