How to Help Women Travellers To Maintain Their Natural Glow

How to Help Women Travellers To Maintain Their Natural Glow

At one point or another in your life, you will have to travel away from the comfort of your home, whether for work reasons or pleasure. As fun as it, travelling poses a few unique beauty challenges due to climate change, sleep deprivation, stress and not to forget the packing space limitations.

There are several ways in which travelling whether, by road, air, water or any other mode exposes your skin to bacteria and other foreign material that is likely to cause harm to your skin.

The high level of humidity air in aeroplanes causes dehydration causing you to look like a mess as you alight. Exposure to bacteria at these public places and the free hotel soaps that are most often than not perfumed are a recipe for irritation and breakouts especially if you have sensitive skin.


Here are a few tips for you to maintain a healthy glowing skin before, during and after travel:


1. Regularly take a balanced diet

What you eat or drink on a daily basis has a significant impact on the clarity of your skin, therefore even without travel plans, it is essential that you always stay on your best eating behaviour.

Research has shown a connection between the increased prevalence of acne vulgaris and diet, especially in developing nations.

A low carbohydrate diet not only helps reduce acne-promoting hormones but also reduce skin oil production. Thus switch your refined grain products for whole grain foods such as quinoa and oats.

Also, eliminate milk from your diet as research has proven a relationship between milk consumption and increased acne incidence. However, you can enjoy fermented milk products like yogurt.

Vitamin A is essential for optimal cell growth, regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help control skin inflammation. Other essential nutrients include Zinc which is necessary for healthy skin.


2. Constant daily nighttime skincare routine

Your skin is as tired as you are from air pollution and sweating to the drying effect of your office air condition. This causes the night skin care routine to be different from that in the morning when your skin has had time to rest.

The routine consists of removal of make-up, cleansing, moisturizing and toning using lightening creams on dark spots. Use anti-aging creams that can fight with the early age spots, dryness, wrinkles and heals the damaged skin before going to bed as the skin does a lot of healing and rejuvenation while you sleep.


3. If possible, don’t put on makeup

Whether travelling by bus or air, you are locked in a vessel filled with dry recycled air. Your face will be trying to stay hydrated by absorbing any moisture it can, and you do not want to form a barrier for it to undertake this task effectively.

Instead, try a clear mask like the AVEDA, which consists of plant-derived brightening and moisturizing ingredients. No one else will notice it, and it can be easily removed before you alight by use of a facial cleansing wipe. Also, skip the long- lasting lip as it leads to dry, scaly lips during the long hours of travel.


4. Constantly hydrate

Imagine showing up at your destination with dry, flaky skin and a tired, dull complexion. It would be humiliating. Thus when on transit always remember to keep yourself hydrated especially when travelling by air at high altitudes air tends to be dry.

Hydration can be achieved in two ways. Take plenty of water, at least eight ounces per hour of water. Therefore, always carry your water to avoid depending on the little cup issued during flights.

To help lock in the moisture in the skin, apply your favourite moisturizer such as Kate Somerville cream and freshen up occasionally with a hydrating mist such as the First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist.


5. Keep your hands off your face

Your hand carries some unknown though unseen microorganisms, that could cause skin irritation, inflammation, and breakouts. To avoid this try as much as possible not to touch your face. If you have to reach your face like when applying makeup, use an antibacterial hand wash on your hands first.

Do not forget to pack your facial cleanser wipes to remove your make up or if you are travelling to somewhere sweaty.


6. Pack product that multitasks

You want to keep your luggage as light and simple as possible for convenience. Thus when packing goes for products that are will serve several purposes at a go. This will ensure you don’t forego any of your make up products due to space which could be putting your skin at risk.

Go for a sunscreen that can also double up as an oil-absorbing face powder. How about the BECCA Beach Tint that can be used as a tinted cream statin and as a cheek as well as the lip colour. However be keen not to purchase multi-task products your skin is not familiar with, which could cause more harm than good.


7. Go tiny

Remember all those little free beauty products that come from your beauty store or subscriptions? Well, they come in handy during your travel. They not only minimize space to ensure you carry all you need but also you use up most of them during the trip thus less baggage for you as you head back home.

When you get back home, do not hold on to these little travel sizes. Do not forget to pack the little things such as hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, and water bottle.



Due to limited space, as much as you try you may not be able to bring the entire skincare routine with you. Some sacrifices will undoubtedly have to be made. Follow the rule of the thumb; – think what you are unwilling not to leave behind, those should be in your list of must haves and will be packed first.

Whatever else you cannot pack like hair shampoo, you can buy it at your destination or find in your hotel room, though it could turn out to be quite expensive.

How to Help Women Travellers To Maintain Their Natural Glow
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How to Help Women Travellers To Maintain Their Natural Glow
At one point or another in your life, you will have to travel away from the comfort of your home, whether for work reasons or pleasure.
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