How to Tie a Murell Knot

How to Tie a Murell Knot

Invented by Brent Murrell in 1995, the Murrell is an inversion of a classic Windsor knot. In its completed form, the tail end lays in front of the large end creating a playful layered look. The knot produced by the Murrell is triangular, small, surprisingly wide. Turn convention on its head with this unique and flippant knot.

How to Tie:

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  1. The narrow end of the necktie will start on the right with the tip extended to the belly button. The wide end of the necktie on your left. Cross the narrow end over to the left.
  2. Now bring the narrow end up underneath the loop between the collar and your tie.
  3. Pull the narrow end down and to the left.
  4. Bring the narrow end behind the wide end and to the right.
  5. Pull the narrow end straight up above the center knot.
  6. Now pull down behind the neck loop and to the right.
  7. Take the narrow end across the front of the wide end to the left.
  8. Bring the narrow end underneath the neck loop between the collar and your tie.
  9. Pull the narrow end through the loop in front of your knot.
  10. Using both hands carefully tighten the knot and adjust the knot to your needs.
  11. Done
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