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How to tie a men’s scarf – Top 7

With winter in full swing, our scarves have become one of our most trusted accessories.  Far too many men, however, dismiss the idea of wearing a scarf simply because they do not know how to wear one.  In truth, there are a myriad of ways, and the way in which you might wear it depends on both the occasion and the style of scarves you have. Here you can find our TOP7 ways, how to do it.





1. The Parisian– An oldie but a goodie, popular with Francophiles. Simply fold this scarf in two, place around your neck and pull both ends through the loop. Warmth factor: high.
2. The Toss– Drape this scarf over your shoulders, pick one end up and swish it over your shoulder. Ideal for scarf-wearers who don’t want to cover up too much of their outfit. Warmth factor: low.
3. The Just In Case– Simply loop one end of the scarf once around your neck leaving it loose. Warmth factor: low.
4. The Faker– With the scarf around your neck, tie one end halfway down in a simple knot and pull the other end through. Simple but effective. Warmth factor: dependent on location of knot, of course, but fairly high.
5. The Twice Around– One technique plus another equals a whole new look. Start with The Just In Case and finish with The Once Around (see below). Try it with a thicker scarf for extra toastiness. Warmth factor: very high.
6. The Once Around– Think of this one as if you were tying a tie. Cross one end over the other and bring up and over and tighten. Ideal for chillier evenings. Warmth factor: high.
7. The Wrap & Tuck– Not much technique involved here. Pull this scarf around your neck leaving one end longer than the other. Proceed to wrap around your neck until covered, then tuck through available gap in fabric. Warmth factor: good for the neck, but leaves the chest open to the elements.


Once you choose the look you like, make sure that the style of scarf you have correlates with your desired look. For example if you want a real cozy look you will want to make sure to buy a nice and warm, thick scarf so it will bundle up nicely. If you want more of a color pop to brighten up your outfit with less warmth, you would choose a silkier, thinner scarf.


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