How to keep your car in good health

How to keep your car in good health

At the beginning of winter, such a vehicle is winterized, so we need special care to save the car from the hot summer in the hot summer countries like Iraq, India, Libya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Mexico, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. Especially during the intense sunshine long drive, the performance of superheat vehicle can greatly reduce. So before going out of this car, check out the car maintenance tips-


Tire check

How to keep your car in good health

It is said to be one of the most neglected parts of the tire car. Although less swollen, excessively inflated, damaged or torn properly, tires are very dangerous, especially in the summer of like those countries. As the external temperature increases, tire pressure changes. Under-inflated tire swings outside and tire pressure is applied to the side wall. The tire bursts due to excessive heat and pressure. On the other hand, the inflated tire does not interact well with the road, which can cause danger during the rainy season. Go to the Local Service Ship to ensure that the location, pressure, and balance of the tire are correct.

Along with safety, well-formed and adequate inflated tires can reduce the energy cost of cars.


Oil and Oil Filter Changes

How to keep your car in good health

Oil can be called the vitality of the vehicle. It keeps the vehicle’s engine parts smooth, clean and cool. Oil and oil filter should be changed after every 7500 miles (12070 km) of most vehicle manuals. And specialists advise changing the oil and oil filter every 3000 miles or three months later. So, before going on a long trip to a summer vacation, it is necessary to check the oil. Heavy driving and high temperature overheated engine chronology. To check the oil, drive the car for a few minutes, park it on a flat surface and close the engine. Open the hood and mark the well deep stick. Here are two things to check – oil level and color. The oil color should be brown and it is important to be clean. If the oil is dark colored or it is dirty, then it is necessary to change the oil and filter on an emergency basis.

If you have changed your oil and filter yourself, do not drop them directly into the drain. There is a possibility of environmental pollution. Fill the bottle or container and then put it in the dustbin.


Hose and Belt check

How to keep your car in good health

To keep the engine safe in summer, keep the engine cool. The two important components of this work are Hose and Belts. If there is a problem with the radiator of the belt or the hose, the radiator is quickly overheated. Car Hose is a crack, leakage or loose connection problem or you have to take a look. Hose will never be soft or bent, it will be strong. The car is gradually consumed in a process called car ECID. The acceptance of this process is largely associated with the closest part of the clamp where the hose engine is connected to the radiator. Belt cracks or damage can also be set in an empty eye. It is to be noted that the belt is extra smooth. Check out the belt’s material being separated from the different layers. Experts say that after the 36,000-mile trips, the risk of losing the belt increased significantly.



Air Filter Change

How to keep your car in good health

Want to save fuel? Given the good news, only dirty and clogged air filters can increase the gas mileage by up to 10%. But how long do you need to know how to change later? The ideal break is 12000 miles (19312 km), but depending on the type of road and the air condition, breaks may be affected. Longer than the car used to run on highways, the air filter will be stopped soon due to the use of dirt and rugged roads. To know if the air filter should be changed, the air filter will be taken out of the vehicle and inspection. The funny thing is that some dirty air filters work better than clean air filters! (Source: Yahoo! Autos) Because the garbage acts as a part of the refining process, binds to the small dust that may otherwise have been scrapping the filtering process at other times. But if it becomes so dirty, it must be changed. Moreover, the cost of all types of filters is at hand, so do not risk being intelligent.

Car maintenance in the summer is not only what will save you from accidents, but also help reduce the cost of the car. After some time, if you do not want to go master the mechanic, then read some tips-


Windshield Wiper Shifts

How to keep your car in good health

Especially in the night when the thunderstorms reduce the ability to see properly, there is no alternative to the wiper to avoid accidents.

If the wiper takes longer than a few passes to clear the visible surface or to clear the mild rain, then it is necessary to replace it. It should be noted that changing the blades during changing the wiper is good, not only the parts of the rubber.

The wiper blades can change to the mechanic, but if you want to use your innovative power different matter! If you have not ever changed the Wiper blade, this is a little tricky. Read the manual well over time, and it is also wise to monitor how the actual wiper blades were planted. It can be more useful than writing instruction on box.


Brake test

How to keep your car in good health

The most important safety feature of the car is the brake. Do not put yourself or your family in danger by running faulty brakes.

How do you know when to check the brake? If-

Brake pedal becomes very soft.

Pedal becomes very tough and resistant.

Warning light burning on the dashboard

If there is a continuous sound like scrapping or friction from the break. It is a sign of metal contact with metal that can permanently damage parts of the brake.

If you notice any brake problem, try to repair as soon as possible. Because the small problems are not fixed in time, the cost will increase later.


Coolant and Radiator Check

How to keep your car in good health

If an engine gets too hot, moving metal parts can actually melt the molten metal, which is responsible for causing various types of internal problems in the car, there is a huge repair bill as a bonus.

During the summer, there is a lot of pressure on the cooling process. Because of no wind blowing in the engine, one of the fastest ways to heat the engine sitting in the traffic jam in the dark sun.

Open the regular hood to see whether the coolant level is right or not. After car parking for a long time, if the coolant is seen below the car, but coolant leak has to be understood and repair. The normal rule is to flush the radiator and coolant at least every two years. Anti-frying as coolant and 50/50 combination of water should be used during the peak period.


Battery clean

How to keep your car in good health

Although the winter time is responsible for the dead battery problem, it is actually more harmful to hot weather batteries. Over time, the excessive temperature can reduce the battery life of the car by overloading the battery and inhaling the internal battery fluid.

The best way to keep the battery working efficiently is to keep it clean. Open the regular battery cable and remove the terminal. Make sure the battery is properly locked and all the connections are OK. You can checkout this site for powerful battery

Rusty battery terminals? Baking soda and water paste can be an effective solution!


Caring for Air Conditioner

How to keep your car in good health

Air Conditioner is the most important item in the car during summer. If the air conditioner car does not maintain temperatures below 10 degree Celsius above the outside temperature, it is defective.

The most common cause of malfunction in AC is the reduction in the number of refrigerants. It can be used for leakage anywhere in the system. Since the modern AC system is complex, so it is advisable to consult the professional about this and get it serviced by someone who is good and experienced.



For any person, his car is a Prized Possession – a valuable asset. Many people have no obligation to take care of this car. But to ensure that all the components of this vehicle are good, it is important to know what to look for in the best care of which part. And then the car will be good and will provide good service for many years. Hopefully, the above important information will keep your mind and your car’s health good. Keep yourself in the know, everything will be easy to see.


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How to keep your car in good health
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How to keep your car in good health
Especially during the intense sunshine long drive, the performance of superheat vehicle can greatly reduce. So before going out of this car, check out the car maintenance tips
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