How to make your online job hunting safer

Though online job search platforms have made it easier and more convenient for job seekers to find opportunities and potential employers, scammers are able to reach and lure on traps more people as well.

Have you ever received an email or text message before from an unknown number and company you didn’t even submit an application to, inviting you for an interview? Yes, that’s a scam. In lieu with this, of all the advantages these online job portals offer to job hunters, people would still tend to raise a few questions regarding the legitimacy of the job post. Beware and avoid being scammed online by keeping these tips in mind:

Do not pay for anything

If a hiring manager asks you a fee after or in exchange for an interview, application processing fee, and the works, that is a tell-tale sign that it’s all a scam. Companies asking for application fees and the works should put you high on alert and immediately realize that they are scammers. If you do find yourself in this situation, politely decline the offer and leave their building at once.

You are invited for an interview without mentioning the company or job title

If you receive an email or text message inviting you for a job interview without informing you the company name and job description, ask first and if they would still refuse to answer and insist on discussing it personally during the interview, trust your instincts and decline. There’s nothing shadier than that.

If they’re contacting you for irrelevant reasons, shut them off

If someone contacts you to offer a job you didn’t apply for and got you wondering where they knew your number, shut them off. If someone offers you to join their networking operations a.k.a. pyramiding, shut them off and report them to the authorities. To put it simply: if anyone who claims they’re looking for potential employees when you don’t remember sending them your application when you’re 100% positive they’re fraud, shut them off.

Skip companies that use unofficial email addresses

Before you respond to an email and give away your personal details such as Security Number and the likes, do a background search on the sender. More often than not, hiring officers use their company emails (e.g. If you receive an email that seems fishy (e.g. as well as how they constructed the email, ignore them.

Scan job opportunities on credible job sites

This is a no-brainer. If you’re hunting for job opportunities online, the best places to go are at job sites—make sure they’re credible ones. It will be easier to find local job vacancies and even postings from big and reputable companies on reliable job sites that are well-trusted. Do exercise cautions still when scrolling through these sites, it’s better to be smart than scammed.  

Misleading job description or company profile

If you encounter a job post that lacks information and appears dubious, skip it. If it consists of a very broad job description and company profile albeit offers an above average wage that requires little to no experience, search about the company and if you found nothing, skip it. Do. Not. Fall. For. Their. Tricks.

Run a background check

And finally, check up on them. There’s no harm done if you run a background check on them and likewise. See if their website is reliable and reputable. Since we’re in the digital age, more and more companies use social media platforms as their medium to communicate and keep in touch with their community and their market. Do also monitor their social media accounts for more information.

Make your online job hunting safe and secure all throughout. Make the job hunt process quicker and easier. Happy job hunting!

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Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. She also writes for the HR Dept UK, professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business.
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