How To Increase Your Instagram Followers Frugally

Instagram has over 200 million of active users monthly, and with the majority of the accounts being linked to businesses, it is crucial that you be keener on how to use it to gain more followers.


Whether you are growing your own account to become an influencer, or working on behalf of a company for marketing purposes, there are certainly simple yet effective ways of growing a massive following in IG.


Below are some of the tips and hacks you can apply to your own personal or business accounts without the need to spend money.


Provide A Complete Profile

An in-depth profile entails having your profile image, name, bio, and URL. You do not necessarily have to input your contact number and address, but it is best to leave these two details out. Preferably, use a special email for business inquiries if you are accepting messages from your followers.


So, what does a complete profile exactly look like? Apart from the details mentioned above, you must use an image that clearly represents who you are or what your brand is all about. Furthermore, use the bio and be straightforward with the details. You can include a call-to-action link, or you may simply write anything descriptive about you.


Post Consistently

Researchers have studied Instagram to try and understand if the frequency in posting photos affects the user’s following growth and engagement. This study concluded that the more often you post photos in your IG account, the more likes and followers you will gain. It was suggested that posting once a day is the most efficient method of gaining more followers.


Utilize Your IG Story

The reason why Youtube vloggers are so successful is because they post engaging and relatable videos for their followers to watch. For Instagram, it works similarly to this. The only difference is that you are only allowed fifteen minutes to document an event. Though this may be very limiting, some people have gotten around it. What they do is cut their videos in shorter sequences and post them accordingly.


If you are a business, trying to gain more followers, you can post videos on how your products are being prepared. You can even post random moments that can probably entice more followers. Remember, your IG account is a reflection of who you are and the product or service you are trying to sell, so be more efficient in using social media. It is also a good idea to set aside a budget to pay for tools that can help you manage your professional account with more ease.


Maintain A Cohesive Aesthetic

Every person who owns an Instagram account knows what a clean aesthetic exactly looks like. Essentially, the trick here is to just be consistent with how you take your photos and how you edit them. On top of this, using the same filter and lighting will make all the difference in the cohesiveness of your photos.


Treat this social media platform as an art portfolio that can bag you your dream job. As a side note, you can use an Instagram planner for you to visualize what your feed is going to look like before you post your photos.


Study Hashtags and Use Them

The right hashtag and location tag can potentially expose your image to a more diverse and larger audience. How do you do this? The most straightforward answer is to pay for a tool that automatically generates popular hashtags for you. Although this technique is an option that larger companies can opt for, it certainly isn’t the preferred way to go for a singular person who’s trying to expand his or her personal account.


There are a few tricks in the trade, but the most effective tip is to simply mimic somebody else. Nobody wants to be a copycat, but implementing this is not forging another user’s work either. If you are focused in the Beauty Category, then find a popular influencer and mimic the hashtags he or she is using. Companies trying to advertise their products can do the same. They can check their competitor’s page and mimic the hashtags they use. It is as simple as that!


Focus on Visual Content

As mentioned earlier, posting regularly is crucial in building up your Instagram followers. But this tip immediately goes to trash if you do not display a stunning visual content. After all, it is arguably the most visual out of all social media channels.


Your primary focus is to tell a story that focuses on you or our brand while keeping the photos clear and crisp. There are some photo editing tools that allow you to create a consistent theme and imagery. You do not have to use the filters that IG has readily provided every single time.


Instagram has evolved so much over the years. What started out as an app for teens quickly grew to become one of the most serious content marketing platforms today.


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