How to prepare for these travel disasters

How to prepare for these travel disasters

Book to read on flight – check, extra set of clothes for emergency purposes – check, itinerary and other important documents in one place – check. You’re all packed and ready to go. however, are you prepared enough for any unforeseen travel crisis?

Even the most experienced travelers encounter a mishap or misfortune while traveling; things can go awry unexpectedly, the heat you can do to avoid and handle them well is to prepare for it. A little effort and preparedness go a long way.

How to prepare for these travel disasters

Preparation and prevention are what we’re after since you can’t really predict when an emergency or blunder happens. It will take you by surprise. Here are a few ways and tips on preparing for such unexpected emergencies.

Illness or injuries

Always be careful and aware of your surroundings and actions. Carry the basic medicines (if you have prescription medicines, bring them as well) and extra set of clothes for any “accident” with you to your destination. You’ll never know when a headache or bad stomach might hit. Besides, you’re there to enjoy your time not curl in bed because of any sudden (or in-flight) sickness.

Bottomline, have a travel emergency first-aid kit with you that contains all the basic and necessary preventive measures. This is a must for any traveler—newbie or experienced. No excuses.

Lost luggage

You’ve been standing in front of the conveyor belt for far too long waiting for that bold green, hard shell luggage; passengers after passengers have picked up theirs and yours hasn’t still arrived. What seems to have happened and what do you do at this point where all hope of spotting your luggage there was lost?

To prevent any delays, take off any unnecessary tags on your luggage that can affect the airport’s scanning metrics. Also, ensure that all the necessary contact details are listed properly just in case it gets lost.

In addition to that, have a backup plan for this circumstance. Say, your luggage did get lost or misplaced. It’s important that you carry an extra set of clothes and all your valuables in your carry-on worse come to worst.

Lost Passport

There’s nothing more heart-dropping that realizing your passport is missing. This is every traveler’s worst nightmare. If you find yourself in this situation, calm yourself first. Don’t panic as it won’t help you find your passport any these circumstances, panicking can worsen the problem.

Instead, take your time to assess the problem and find the solution. Track your steps back, let your mind do its work in remembering where you saw it and put it. Did you leave it back in your hotel accommodation? Did you place it on a table while you were eating back at the restaurant?

To prepare and prevent this, make sure your passport is always in your carry-on along with your other valuables—a no-brainer. Just to be sure, make a hard and soft copy of your passport as well as all your other documents and place it your carry-on; and another copy in your luggage. This shall serve as a backup when such case occurs.

Missed flight

Missed flights draw terror in every traveler’s face. If your flight is delayed, no need to worry too much, unless you’re chasing time for an event. But if it’s your own fault for arriving late at the airport that caused you to miss your flight, your best option is to rebook the next earliest flight.

Of course, the only way to avoid this blunder is to arrive at the very least, two hours early at the airport. Would you rather wait for a delayed flight or miss a flight completely?

Stolen purse or loss of access to funds

Another dreadful nightmare to travelers: losing their purse, getting it stolen, and inaccessibility to funds. If you have all your cash and credit card in your wallet and that wallet is inside the purse that got stolen, you’ll have a stressful time thinking where you can get any cash, especially if you’re traveling alone.

To avoid this scenario, never leave your bags and valuables unattended and keep your alert level on high at all times. Also, keep cash in your pockets or socks for safekeeping in case of emergency. You’re in a foreign land where anything can happen, who knows what will. This is why you’re preparing for anything that can happen.

We’ll never know what can happen and when will a mishap occur. It’s only necessary to always prepare ahead.

Ever had any travel disasters? How did you conquer it? Share your stories and advice with us!


How to prepare for these travel disasters
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How to prepare for these travel disasters
We’ll never know what can happen and when will a mishap occur. It’s only necessary to always prepare ahead.
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