How to choose a perfect accomodation on Airbnb

Nowadays people that Lodge in traditional hotels are now moving towards a more local and well experience rented houses/apartments. Using Airbnb for lodging is less expensive than a hotel. Due to high cost initiation people prefer lodging using Airbnb

How to effectively use Airbnb

Proceed with adequate cautions: if you have any reasonable doubt contact the host through Airbnb because Airbnb tries its best by making its listing services available. However, be conscious on hosts that just signed up but it’s better to contact Airbnb to have a good idea of what you are dealing with. Watch out for cheap and luxurious places that seems extremely too good to be real. For example watch out for photos that might have been swiped from a travel site, it actually shows a warning sign not a deal breaker. This warning signs are of Paramount importance because most of this pictures may have been swiped from other sites such as travel sites and many more.

Make Research in the neighborhood: this is mainly one of the key task which Will be to make your research because it will go as far as helping you to spot fraudulent listing for example luxury skyscraper flat should not be appearing on residential areas besides always look at restaurants facilities available in the area which you will be booking. You wont have the address of an Airbnb until booking is made, however, you can also have an idea of where you are heading to.

Review: it is important that you read all the reviews and check on the ratings of any where you want to book. Don’t just give it a quick glance at the top reviews or the star ratings ensure that everything about the place is unique and also try to read many other reviews so as to have a clear and vivid picture of where you are heading to for instance, are the neighbor’s friendly? Are there any problems with noise in the area at night? Is it easy to carry luggages in and out? Is the internet connection reliable? Is the security out there okay? And there are many other relevant questions that might not be included in the descriptions left by the host. All this will aid in getting an accommodation of standard in Airbnb.

Dates should be specific: the dates in which you set for travel should be specific and this should be your focus point before anything else because this will avoid your dream location to be booked by someone else. This will help you by having a better idea as well as prices and fees by entering your date well and also specifying when you are going for your trip this will help you know when listing are scarce which will help you to know how hastly you need to book to avoid missing of trip.

Always check the small print: always make sure you check the small print because you might be attracted to the descriptions, photos of the listings , don’t forget to always check the small print for instance those small prints can be policy’s for cancellations?, Extra guest?, when do you want to check in and check out? All this will be on the small print. You need to check all of this and don’t assume that something like dish washer or Wi-Fi is included because you feel or think that it should be there since that’s what you use at home. It is advisable to go through every detail listing description, which will enable you to have a perfect accommodation.

Save features: in some part’s of the world there is are possibility that you can pick from 100 of Airbnb listing, in other not to stress your memory to recall some of your favorite trips you can always save your last search you can always save using the save button on the App and relieve yourself the trouble or stress of recalling from past search and you can save using the App or the Web which is easier and faster

However comparing various or different properties is easy using the list than making use of the maps. You can literally save past list on a different list and share them with other users of Airbnb going on the same trip with you

Create a rapport with host: this is also beneficial when you build rapports with host this will aid you when you have any queries about the places that are not covered in the descriptions. The host contact button is very easy to come by, it is always there in the middle of the listing. If you have any issues understanding the descriptions always ask and never assume everything will always workout.

Check on missing photos: photos on a place shows you how the place is, also think about the ones that are missing just the way you do when you want to buy a house for example is the outside of the house shown? The sofa bed? The bathroom?. All these must be checked on because Airbnb hosts are not all real estate professionals, the fact that there are missing photo’s does not mean the run down shower or stair case is bad, its just one of the factor to consider or lookout for which will definitely help you to pick a place over the other.

City regulations must be checked: make sure you check city regulations because some cities may be more friendly to Airbnb listing than others for example if Airbnb listing are very active in the place you are scouting on then it is available to book. Make sure you spend some few minutes observing the state of affairs between Airbnb and the city you are staying in

However, Carefully read all the detail descriptions of the listing: you should read all details about the listing just to make sure everything therein is within reasonable depth which will entail you to attain your intended accommodations

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How to choose a perfect accomodation on Airbnb
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How to choose a perfect accomodation on Airbnb
Nowadays people that Lodge in traditional hotels are now moving towards a more local and well experience rented houses/apartments. Using Airbnb for lodging is less expensive than a hotel. Due to high cost initiation people prefer lodging using Airbnb
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