How to avoid getting sick while traveling

How to avoid getting sick while traveling

Got a trip coming up real soon? Aside from packing light and making sure that everything you need is in place, do also take precautions in avoiding sick while traveling.

Getting sick is a normal part of life. And whether you’re traveling for a business, staying in a hotel accommodation or flying for leisure, put your awareness level on high. You may ever know that your sneezing friends, coughing co passenger, or new food unfamiliar to your taste, may expose you to the risk of getting ill.

It’s not enough to have a well-planned itinerary for your trip, if you ever get sick, that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it? Though it is inevitable, the chances of getting sick while traveling can be minimized. Create a wellness plan in case of unforeseen circumstances arise.

Get vaccinated

If you’re going on a location that your ambassador categorizes as a health risks or currently has an epidemic around, it’s would be safe to get vaccinated for increased protection before heading there. While you’re at it, review the previous vaccines you were already administered with and ensure that your shots are updated. Do also ask the doctor about what other necessary vaccines you can take such as hepatitis A shot.

Drink water

Going around places is tiring and the more reason you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Stay hydrated when you’re traveling for dehydration can get you more susceptible to sickness and infections. Not only that but lack of water intake can also lead to slow recovery from any illness. Bring your own bottled water or buy one when you know you’ll be strolling out for long.

Watch what you eat

Food poisoning is a common dilemma and sickness travelers encounter which is why it’s always a must to watch what you eat. Yes, it’s exciting to try the local food and be adventurous with your taste buds, however, this can be a little too overwhelming for your digestive tract.

As much as possible and if you know that your system is isn’t strong enough to try out new things, steer away from street foods and under-cooked meat. Yes, they’re a gastronomous treat, but it can be a risk to your health. Always opt for well-cooked food and bottled water.

Pack a first aid kit

Sometimes, even with all the efforts you put through in preventing sickness, you may still catch one. May it be a harmless cold or diarrhea, it’s never a bad idea to pack a first aid kit with you whenever you travel. Pack the first aid essentials to get your immune system fighting strong in case you catch something. Along with band-aids, pack some aspirin, flu tablets, insect repellent, loperamide tabs, multivitamins, antihistamines for allergies and the likes, beta dine, and the works.

Consult with a travel health professional to know more about how you can best avoid getting sick while traveling and the necessary preventive measures you ought to take as per your health status. If you want to enjoy your adventure as much as possible, best to minimize potential risks. It’s better to be sure than do nothing at all.


About the author: Chie sails from Parramatta. You can find her writing for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation in her downtime, the perfect hotel choice to stay in for both business or leisure.

How to avoid getting sick while traveling
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How to avoid getting sick while traveling
Got a trip coming up real soon? Aside from packing light and making sure that everything you need is in place, do also take precautions in avoiding sick while traveling.
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