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My name is Tony Poruba and I’m founder of “How to” database. is startup website, launched at Jan 2017 and is focusing on tutorials how to do anything. 3 months after launch we have 5 guest bloggers, 120+ articles and 200+ daily visits and still growing.

Well, basically this is right now non-profit website, income from ads covers only server hosting services. And the truth is that we don’t need money to grow. I  really love to run this website and I will continue. But I would like to write only quality and actual content and for this I would like to ask you for support.

Right now I’m looking for:

  • an android phone with latest android OS (7 nougat). It can be damaged but working.
  • iPhone with iOS 10. It can be damaged but working.

So if you can support us, you can contact me directly on admin(at)

We are also looking for general partner for this website, so if you recognize the potential for the future, contact me.

Thank you


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