How to make animated GIF picture with Gimp 22

How to make animated GIF picture with Gimp

In this tutorial we will show you, how to create animated Gif picture with freeware graphic program Gimp.

You can download Gimp for free here.


  1. Open the Gimp
  2. Go to File > New
  3. Select your final image size and confirm OK
  4. Select your images you want to use for animated GIF creation and drag and drop them on the Gimp.
  5. Now delete the background layer. Right mouse click on background layer and select Delete Layer
  6. Check all your layers, if you have it in correct order (at bottom is first picture). If not, sort it. Just drag and drop layers in correct order.
  7. Go to Filters > Animation > Optimize (for GIF)
  8. Your image will be optimized and will be opened new window.
  9. Go to Image > Mode > Indexed
  10. In the dialog window set Generate optimum palette (255), Color dithering: None and press Convert
  11. Almost done, now you must save your animated GIF. Go to File > Export as
  12. At the bottom of dialog window choose Select File Type
  13. and choose GIF Image
  14. On the top of dialog window enter the name of new file and path where it will be saved
  15. Press Export
  16. In the dialog window mark checkbox As animation and set the Delay between frames (1000ms = 1sec). Press Export
  17. Done, your animated GIF has been created. In this tutorial we created this animation:


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