How to delete files in Windows permanently 9

How to delete files in Windows permanently

As a default, when you delete a file in Windows, it is moved to the computer’s Recycle Bin. With this function on, you can restore deleted files from recycle bin if you need. But if you want to delete your files permanently from your computer, follow this easy instruction.


How to delete files in Windows permanently

Method 1: Change your recycle bin settings

  1. Right click on Recycle Bin and select Properties
  2. Select Don’t move files to recycle bin and press Apply and OK
  3. Now you can right click on any file or folder you want to delete, select Delete and the file or folder will be deleted permanently


Method 2: Using of Shift key

  1. Right click on file or folder you want to delete permanently
  2. press Shift button and click Delete
  3. Confirm the file deletion and the file will be deleted permanently.
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