How to create a PDF file on a Mac 5

How to create a PDF file on a Mac

PDF file is the most popular document format nowadays. It’s widely used in Magazine, Email, Website, Ebook, Agreement and so on.

If you have some documents that you want to convert into PDF format, here is a step by step guide How to create a PDF file on a Mac.


How to create a PDF file on a Mac:

Method 1

  • open the document in its native app. If you’re working on a Word document, then you’ll do this from Word.
  • Go to File > Print (Command+P)
  • Click on PDF button at the bottom of print dialog and choose Save as PDF and click Print
  • Choose the location, file name and save the file


Method 2

  • The tool you need is this PDF Creator, this tool is not only a PDF maker but also a PDF Editor that can help you edit PDF and add passwords to secure your PDF files.
  • Download the PDF creator and install it.
  • Navigate to the File menu and click the Create tab, you will get a drop-down list with options to make PDF. Click on the PDF From File option, you will open a file browser window. Then select the file you want and import it into the program.
  • Go to the File menu, and select the Save as option, then specify a directory to save the output file. Click the Save button, and you have finished creating your PDF file.
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