How to transfer contacts from windows phone to android phone 19

How to transfer contacts from windows phone to android phone

Well, Windows phone seems to be dead system for now with uncertain future. Today we will show you, how you can transfer your contacts from windows phone to android phone, it can be helpful for a lot of windows phone users.


  1. With your windows phone you should be connected to your Live ID account (,, …). Once you have your Live ID, check in your windows phone than you have sync setting active. If yes, your contact will be automatically synchronized wit your Live ID accout.
  2. In your computer, go to Live ID account (in this example ***
  3. Switch your tab to People
  4. Now you should see list of all your contacts from your windows phone. If not, check your sync setting (ad 1)
  5. Go to Manage >> Export contacts
  6. Confirm export to CSV
  7. and save it to your computer
  8. Now sign-in to your Gmail account and switch the tab to Contacts
  9. Choose Import contacts
  10. Choose file from your computer – select choose file and find the .csv file you have saved in step 7 and click Import
  11. Your contacts will be uploaded and synchronized with your google account.
  12. On Android 6 or higher go to Settings > Google > Restore contacts.
  13. For older android Android go to Settings >> Accounts and Sync. Under Manage Accounts select (or Add) the Google account you used to import WM contacts. Finally press Sync Contacts. Done


New design of Google Contacts

If you are using new Google Contacts, you don’t need CSV file from your Live ID account and import is really easy.

  1. In your Google Contacts choose More >> Import
  2. Choose from where your contacts will be imported
  3. You must give temporary access rights to google to get your contacts
  4. Your contacts will be imported
  5. Sync your contacts with android phone (step 12 above)
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