How to rename "OK google" activation phrase 15

How to rename “OK google” activation phrase

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Google Now is easily activated by saying “Okay Google,” and this voice command is used on any device that runs Google.

You can now easily change the activation phrase for Google Now from standart “Okay Google” to whatever you want. You can call it for example Marvin

All what you will need is to download app Open Mic+ for Google Now and follow this instructions:


  1. Download and install Open Mic+ for Google Now
  2. Open the installed app. You will be asked to uninstall the free app – press No (if you want to pay for this tool, press Yes)
  3. Now you will be prompted to check your settings. So press settings
  4. Press Open Mic+
  5. And allow user access
  6. Now, go back to Mic+ app and press line with Say “Okay Google”
  7. and enter the activation phrase you want to use
  8. When you press Set, you will be prompted to disable initial OK google detection
  9. So go to Settings and disable it (Settings > Advanced Settings > Language & Input > Google voice typing > “OK Google” detection)
  10. Go back to Mic+ app and check the rest of the settings. There is plenty of options. We changed in the settings only When to run options.
  11. Now start the app with play button
  12. And you are done. Now you can close the program (it will run in the background) and try it. In this example voice command will start after saying “Hey man”


Do you know other solution how to rename OK Google? Write some comment bellow.

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