How to use monitoring app in teen’s life

How to use monitoring app in teen’s life

The digital networking has become an essential part of our lives, most importantly in the young teen’s life. So, therefore this particular essential part has grasped the mind and soul of our younger generation they always seem busy in the digital networking. Infinite numbers of social platforms are available that which teens are use to intermingle with the online world. So, when parents come across with the horrible drawbacks which the digital networking have, they may start using different monitoring tools  to prevent their teens from the negativity of the digital world, which usually young teens use on their smartphones.

Parents use software to protect their teens:

It is reasonable that parents wish to be a step ahead of their teens in order to protect them, and the TheOneSpy monitoring app among others, is a tool that can use. TOS allow parents to start tracking the cell phones of their teens in order to know what sort of messages they are sending or receiving, what sort of instant messaging apps they are using, what kind of content they are visiting on websites and whom they are talking to on their smartphone or on social websites at all times. Though parents can monitor their teens, there are some pros and cons that come to mind.

How “Sometimes Safety” overlapped into the invasion of privacy?

Parents do not realize that sometimes while monitoring their teen’s cell phone they are overlapping into an invasion of privacy. First of all, parents need to know what actually is monitoring and what really is spying or invasion of privacy. Parents sometimes unwillingly track each and every single activity of their young teens which may not harm young teens, life but their privacy may be compromise by using the monitoring applications.  Therefore, it is crucial parents have an understanding between monitoring and spying.

What actually is Monitoring?

Monitoring is totally different than spying. The power or authority should be used in a respectful way, such as teachers monitoring their classrooms in order to identify if students are studding properly or not. Another example is when a doctor examines sick people to determine the necessary treatment to help them recover. In both these examples, they qualify as monitoring because both is playing a positive role, in first example teacher monitoring their students for the sake of their bright future and in second example doctor is examining their patient to save his life

What is spying? 

Spying, on the other hand, is the totally unethical habit of interfering in someone’s private matters or trying to know the secrets of other secret lives. For instance, it considered spying when anyone spy on a person in order to know about their private life and then spread stories in general public to humiliate him/her. Another example, when someone tapes your every single call and text messages and then provide your secret information to their superiors like spy agent does of intelligence agencies.

Parents should avoid spying and should do monitoring:

Parents need to realize that their teens have a private life too, so parents do not need to monitor every single activity that their teens do on their smartphones, which may embarrass them.

In what age parents need to take off monitoring apps?

Actually, it depends on the cognitive skills of your teen. If parents think teens is mature enough, to understand good and bad habits and the impact of their digital footprint they leave behind in the social media world, it is reasonable to no longer monitor their usage.  As teens mature at different rates, it does not matter how old your teens are. Rather, this judgment relates directly to their understanding and habits for using social media to protect themselves from the dangers of social media harms like bullying, carnal content, psychological issues, and many other things. When teens are about to enter in pre-adult hood, parents should need to keep distance at least a bit to encourage them to make good decisions in their lives, but they may want to monitor how their teens behave online as they develop their digital independence.

How to use monitoring app in teen’s life
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How to use monitoring app in teen’s life
When parents come across with the horrible drawbacks which the digital networking have, they may start using different monitoring tools  to prevent their teens from the negativity of the digital world.
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