How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans

We all know about the primary coffee beans types and how their taste differs. Choosing a coffee bean for your permanent coffee needs can be tricky. Most of the factors that we are going to see in picking the perfect coffee bean for you are likely to be based on the coffee roast.


It not really tough to figure out the difference between fresh and instant coffee and same is the case with light to dark levels of roast. We’ll take all of these into consideration and help you choose the perfect coffee roast level for you, this will take you a step further in your choice of coffee beans.


1. Coffee Roast:

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans


  • Fresh roast:

A fresh roast is your numero uno. Always go for a fresh roast. The fresher the roast the better the taste. You must have noticed the difference between the coffee served at you local coffee shops and the instant coffee you make at home.

The taste is the distinguishing factor here. The instant coffee you make at home was packaged along with a lot of other packages and then it was stored in the shops or stores from where you picked it up. The longer you keep coffee the bitter it tastes.

You cannot preserve the taste of the fresh roast for long. It only lasts for about 2 weeks and then you can feel the taste change. If you have only had instant coffee all your life then you probably won’t know what we are referring to.

  • Levels Of Roast:

That was just about the freshness of the roast now let’s get into the levels of roast. There are 3 primary roast levels, light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

An issue a lot of people seem to face with the light coffee bean roast is that the taste can be unpredictable and it is in no way balanced. And it seems to vary for various types of coffee beans. For some of the coffee bean types, the taste is too floral while for others it tastes too much citrus.

Medium roast, on the other hand, gives us the balance of all the flavors. And this doesn’t vary for different coffee types. So, the medium roast tends to give us the best possible coffee.

When the dark roast has come to its current condition under expert hands it tastes bold and rich. The dark and bold taste does not equate to burnt coffee roast but to expertly roasted coffee beans. The chocolatey dark flavor is dominant and overshadows the other flavors such as citrus and floral. Both medium and dark roasts are much better suited for espresso, an espresso shot is considered to be one of the strong coffee drinks.


2. Caffeine Content Present In The Beans:

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans

We are all pretty much convinced that a light roast contains more caffeine as compared to the dark roast, which is a myth. In reality, if we take an equal amount of dark roast and light roast and compare them for the caffeine content it would seem that the light roast has more caffeine.

But the truth of the matter is as we roast coffee beans their density decreases so if we were to take 40 light roast coffee beans and compare their weight with 40 dark roast coffee beans. The light roast coffee beans will weigh more. This is why the caffeine content in light roast seems higher as compared to that of darker roast.

So, if it’s easier for you to consider the lighter roast to have less caffeine content then so be it. No one is going to sue you if you take the easy way out as long as you know the real difference it’s all great.


3. Should You Go For Ground Coffee Beans Or Whole Coffee Beans?

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans

We have already considered the freshness of coffee beans roast in great details. The answer to your ground coffee beans vs whole coffee beans questions lies with that discussion.

We have come to the conclusion that fresh roast always tastes the best and the same stands true from freshly ground coffee beans, so, to answer your question if you purchase ground coffee beans you have to check when they were roasted and in most cases the ground coffee beans have been in that state for a long time and as we have already surmised they don’t have a long shelf life. If you want your coffee to taste like actual coffee and not the bitter liquid that you have to dilute with sweeteners then you might want to invest in whole coffee beans. This way you can ground these coffee beans whenever required. If you look for coffee drinks recipes most of them suggest that you use freshly ground coffee beans, because they taste marvelous.


4. Purchase Coffee Beans From An Authentic Source:

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans

This is a no-brainer. You don’t have to be an expert to know this but we are most likely to overlook this one as most of us won’t even think of it as a factor and just go with their regular coffee bean provider.

When you purchase either whole beans or ground coffee beans make sure that you get it from an authentic source that is a brand in the coffee industry. A brand has to responsibility towards its name and therefore it always comes up with the best stuff.

So, when you go for a good coffee beans brand, you don’t have to wonder if the coffee beans were freshly roasted or if the date on the coffee packet is accurate. If they say it has been freshly roasted then that is the case if they claim that the beans were roasted and have given you an expiry date then take it to heart.

Most of us what works for us. It is the same for each and every one of us. So, if you prefer your coffee to have dark and not floral taste then you might want to invest in a darker roast, but if you have a hankering for floral taste then you might have to do a little research and find out which of the coffee types light roast exhibits floral taste and invest in it. That’s it for now. We hope you find the right fit.


Author: Gargi Vaidya

How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans
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How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Beans
Choosing a coffee bean for your permanent coffee needs can be tricky. Most of the factors that we are going to see in picking the perfect coffee bean for you are likely to be based on the coffee roast.
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