How to protect smartphone against spying 9

How to protect smartphone against spying

Your mobile phone is spying on you! Yes, it’s reality!

According to Avast CEO Vincent Steckler, 99 out of 100 top Android apps have “entire control” of mobile devices and can remotely operate them as a user does. Not only that, 92% of the apps can view network connections and nine out of 10 can read stored content as well as modify or delete them without requiring user permission, the Avast executive said.

But there are more ways how your mobile phone can spy on you. Smartphone location services, facebook like buttons on almost every page on the internet, Exif data in your pictures and more, as described for example here.


How to protect your phone:

Protect your phone against all possible attacks is impossible. But we will show you few options, how to increase the security level of your phone.


Install good antivirus

Good antivirus protects you from the latest viruses, malware, spyware, unsafe apps and settings, unwanted callers, and other nasty threats. We recommend AVG android antivirus or Avast antivirus for iPhone.

Suggested antivirus for iPhone:

Avast Secure Me

McAfee Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security


Suggested antivirus for Android:

AVG android antivirus

CM Security AppLock AntiVirus 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile 



Turn off location services

Ok, this is sometimes useful function, especially when you are using navigation, maps, or you want to find near restaurant. But did you know that your iPhone or Android is using that GPS to track your every move, and store data about your whereabouts every time you use your device?

How to turn it off:


  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Select “Location”
  3. Flip the switch to the “Off” position
  4. If you just want to save battery, just change the Location Mode to “Battery Saving”
  5. Go to Google Location reporting
  6. Disable Location Reporting and Location History



How to turn off Location Services on iPhone or iPad Completely

From your Home screen, tap on Settings > Privacy



Next, Tap on Location Services

Simply Toggle the switch to turn off Location services


How to Disable Location Services for System Services

From your Home Screen, tap on Settings > Privacy

Tap on Location Services and make sure that the switch is turned ON

Scroll down to find “System services” and tap on it

You should see a list of System Services that use Location Information

Simply toggle OFF the services you think are non-essential and keep the essential ones ON.


How to Disable Location Services for Apps

Once again Launch the settings app from your home screen and then Tap on Privacy

Tap on Location services

Go through all the apps listed to find the apps you want to prevent from using location services. Tap on “Never” for all the apps you choose.

All the apps that you set to  “Never” will not be able to access location information on your iOS device.


Exif data in your pictures

Android and iPhone Camera defaults to storing GPS and geographic tagging information in the EXIF data of your images. If you don’t want this type of location information stored in a pictures EXIF data, you can disable the feature easily in the setting.


Thanks to the various versions of Android floating around and different manufacturers using their own different camera apps, the process on Android is not streamlined. The setting to disable it lies somewhere in the Settings menu of the camera app 🙂



From your Home Screen, tap on Settings > Privacy

Tap on Location Services

Turn off slider for Camera


Never save all of your passwords

Many users tend to save their passwords to online services and sites on their device, never once thinking about what it would mean to a person who got their hands on the phone. Avoid having all important passwords saved in your device particularly when it comes to banking or payment apps.

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