How To Be More Productive While Working From Home

How To Be More Productive While Working From Home

Getting tired of the same work schedule, many resort to working from home. It not only spares you from the daily chidings in office for petty things but also gives you some quality time to yourself. The idea of staying in casuals whole day and not having to rush early to work sure sounds intimidating. But honestly it is easier said than done.
Taking up a task from home means staying motivated at all times without having any superior to keep a check on you. This implies you need to be self disciplined to meet deadlines otherwise you will earn a bad reputation of submitting your projects late. Surely you don’t want to be labeled like one.
So here are some ways to help you stay productive while working from home:-


1. Honour the space between no longer and not yet

This quote by Nancy Levin compels us to set boundaries between personal space and workspace. Merging these two worlds may not turn out to be productive after all. There are a number of distractions working from home. You may feel like finishing household chores or be driven to market with your mother to buy groceries. Not to forget the undying urge to watch a movie or a TV show. These mental and physical chores not only leave you drained but also decrease efficiency.

Allot a finite time to engage in different tasks. Make sure your family is aware of your working hours so that you work undisturbed. A number of breaks tend to hinder the flow of thoughts and you end up getting stuck at a point for hours. Taking a deserved break after meeting your deadline sure feels hell lot of relief.


2. You never know what you have until you clean your room

Keeping your room clean is similar to keeping your workspace tidy. I have often heard the correlation of being messy with creative. But don’t you think finding that misplaced document takes up a lot of time you could have rather spent in preparing your presentation?

I know since you have moved your office to home, you no longer need to worry about keeping any of it tidy but think twice. Imagine your desk cluttered with pens, markers, files, leftovers and what not. Don’t you think finding the right thing at the right time will be difficult?

So whenever you sit for work next, spare some hours in organising that messy desk. Bring a pen stand to keep your stationery, make a file to keep any lying bills, loose papers and receipts. Also remember to keep your laptop or desktop free from any unwanted files. Keep deleting any old files that might be no longer relevant.


3. The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way others react to us

Judith Rasband shows how dressing defines our way of life. We have a separate wardrobe for work and make sure to keep them all ironed and ready to hit the office on time. But what about working from home? You do not even have to wake up early in the morning, feel like staying in pyajamas and keep munching all day long.

Doesn’t it sound a bit unhealthy? Well there’s a certain charm of going through that morning ritual of getting up early for work and getting dressed accordingly. It sets your frame of mind for the day. So why not adopt the same schedule while working from home? Get ready as you would be heading out for a meeting or to the office. Do not take it to heart if your family makes fun of you initially. They will understand eventually that perhaps you need that kick to stay focused.


4. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes

Anne Lamott subtly describes the importance of taking a few minutes off work for it increases productivity. Staring for long at the desktop is not going to resolve the issue. Having a stiff back and still unable to get-up from the desk for a bit of stretching gets on to the nerves at work. You may not have the leverage to take sufficient breaks in a 9 to 5 job but that clearly isn’t the case at home.
Since your workspace has mingled in the personal one, why not be a little more creative. In fact you can utilise the present situation for long term health benefits.

During those breaks make sure you follow some stretching and cardio routines to keep the blood flowing. These bursts of energy will have a direct impact on your work. The energy breaks will provide an outlet to frustration and help you concentrate better enabling you to sort out the issue sooner.


5. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

There would be times when you would get exhausted working in the same place daily. Take liberty of the fact that you are working from home. Working in the same surrounding can take a toll on quality. Try switching work area to a public place. You can work from wherever you want.

Take your laptop to a coffee shop or a library. The ambiance bubbling with life in one place and quietness in the other will offer an all together different coworking experience. That feeling of rejuvenation will be reflected in your work.
Take window seat at your favourite restaurant, spare time to have a glimpse of nature from that window and get to the task. In no time nature will move its wand and enhance what you’re working on.

A change in workspace from home to outside will give you a different perspective too. You might be at a problem trying out figure out the solution for long. But, in coworking areas like this you may often get to meet people who would rather do problem solving in minutes. This pleasure you seek from the space will put a dash of perfection in your work.

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How To Be More Productive While Working From Home
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How To Be More Productive While Working From Home
Getting tired of the same work schedule, many resort to working from home. It not only spares you from the daily chidings in office for petty things but also gives you some quality time to yourself.
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