How to write an Author post on

Great, now you have an access to backend editor at! It means that you are publishing good content and administrators of trust you!

Here we will show you, how to write an Author post on in BackEnd editor.

How to access BackEnd editor? Go to My Profile –> Posts –> Add new

BackEnd Editor has many functions and it is not easy from the beginning to use it correctly. That’s why I decided to write a short manual how to use it and what you should not forget when writing your post on BackEnd editor.

Here in, we are trying to keep “uniform” format of the content. This guide will help you with the formatting of the post and SEO features.

Let’s begin.

Before you start:

Okay, you have a topic you want to write about. Good. But this is just the beginning. From SEO point of view, you should “build” your article around one “Focus Keyword“. It means that you should pick the main keyword or keyphrase that this post is about. For example, you are writing the post “How to repair a zipper slider on jeans”. The focus keyword is the phrase, you want to rank for in google.

A good approach to define the right focus keyword is to do small keyword research. Use Google Keyword Planner or MOZ Keyword Explorer and find the best keyword you want to use. You can read more about keyword research on MOZ.

So in my example, I used Google Keyword planner and there I can see, that for example for the phrase “fix a zipper” is 10 – 100K searches monthly on google. I would like to rank for this phrase so I choose it as my focus keyword. It means that I will rename my article to “How to fix a zipper on jeans”


  • Sometimes is better to use a less competitive keyword or long tail keyword to have a chance to rank in top10 in Google search engine.
  • It takes months or sometimes years to rank in good position for high competitive keywords. You can read more here.



  • Title MUST begin with “How To”. That’s clear from our contribution guidelines.
  • The title should contain a focus keyword to have good SEO score
  • The title should be ideally 30-65 characters long.



  • Use focus keyword in the first paragraph of your article. It should be within first 100 words and the best is in the first sentence.
  • Use Headings! H2 for main headings and H3 for subheadings…you can also use H4 and H5, but there should be some sequence in it. After H2 should be H3, not H4…
  • Use numbered list for step-by-step tutorials. This is good for Google, you have the chance to gain featured snippet in google search results. Before the numbered list, you should use H2 subheading with colon (:) and focused keyword in this subheading. See the example here
  • It is good to use your focus keyword 2 or more times in the article and 1x in the heading or subheading.
  • Use Bulleted list where it is appropriate, for example in the ingredients list etc.
  • Use pictures and photos
  • Use youtube video if available, but try to link only to your video.



Featured image

Every article must have a featured image. This is a title image. Try to optimize your picture to have as small as possible file size. Recommended size is 810×540, but you can use a different size, the picture will be automatically resized. To upload featured image, go to right side of editor and there you will find the box Featured image.

How to write an Author post on

Click on Set featured image and upload your picture. Don’t forget to fill in the Alternative Text (alt text) and Image Title Attribute (title). This is highly recommended to have good SEO score. This two parameters should be filled for every image you use for your article! The best practice is to fill there your article title (yes, there is also your focus keyword :-))

Article images

If you can, use pictures also for article body. Please try to use recommended size of pictures. 600 x XXX for large, 400 x XXX for medium and 200 x XXX for thumbnails. You can use different size if it is necessary. To change the image size, click on the uploaded image and select EditHow to write an Author post on

Fill the Alternative Text (alt text) and Image Title Attribute (title) and select the size of the picture.

How to write an Author post on

We tried to have all pictures on this web centered. Use it if you can.


Complete the article:

Once you are finished with your article, there is still several things to do.

Configure rich snippet

Rich snippets are the great way to improve SEO ranking of your article. So,  find the box for Rich snippet under article editor and select what this post is about. Normally you should select Article.

And fill all requested fields. Publisher is always publisher logo use always “



Configure Yoast SEO

  • Find the Yoast SEO box, click on Edit snippet and fill there Meta Description. It should be maximum 156 chars description of your article. This is what Google will show in search results.
  • Fill your focus keyword
  • Check what is your SEO status and optimize what is possible


OK, you’re done! That is all, you can publish your post.


WARNING! As an author, you can publish the post directly without any necessary revision! Please doublecheck all information you have entered!

Check that you have:

  • Selected correct category.
  • Good permalink to your article (address). If not, you can still change it. Permalink should also contain your focus keyword.
  • Good title and article body, correct formatting, no (or as less as possible) grammar mistakes. (If you are using Chrome browser, Grammarly plugin can help you)
  • All pictures have filled Alt and Title
  • Configured Rich Snippet
  • Configured Yoast SEO
  • Uploaded featured image

If everything is ok, PUBLISH your post.



Sure, we trust you, but we will doublecheck your published article asap 🙂


How to write an Author post on
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How to write an Author post on
Here we will show you, how to write an Author post on in BackEnd editor.
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