How to Install Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Installing carpet tiles or carpet squares is easy and takes no more than a couple of hours. Also, it’s a great way to experiment with your creativity and to add your own patterns. Here in this post, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide to install carpet tiles at your home.

Step 1 – Mark the Center of the Floor

To mark the center of the floor, you first need to mark the center of each wall. Measure the width of each wall and divide it by two and put a pencil mark on the center area. Do this for remaining three walls as well.

Mark the Center of the Floor

Now, join the center points of facing walls. This will give you a crossing point between two lines as shown in the picture. The crossing point of two perpendicular lines is the center of your floor.

Step 2 – Place the Center Carpet Squares

We’ll start with placing 4 carpet squares in the center. Marking the center of the floor gives you four lines, meeting at the center of the floor. Pick a carpet square and place in a way that two adjacent sides of the square touching two crossing lines and a corner of the square touching the center point of the floor. See the picture below for better understanding.

Place the Center Carpet Squares

Fix the first carpet square here. If you have self-adhesive carpet squares, remove the cover from backside and put some pressure on the tile to stick it in place. In case you do not have self-adhesive squared, apply some glue on backside of the square and place it on measured point with glued side placed on the surface. Repeat this step for all four squares you want to place at the center.

Step 3 – Place Remaining Tiles

placing carpet tiles

Start placing remaining tiles one by one around the center tiles. Do not fix the tiles yet, or if you have self-adhesive tiles, do not remove the back cover yet as we may need to make some changes later on.

Step 4 – Make a Pattern

carpet tiles pattern

Don’t forget to choose carpet squares of different colors to make a pattern. Be creative with your ideas and choose a pattern that matches with the decor of your home. Once you are fully satisfied with the pattern, start fixing the tiles on the floor one by one. Start from the squares from a corner, remove the back cover (if you have self-adhesive tiles) or put some glue on its backside (if you do not have self-adhesive tiles), and fix the tile on its position. Repeat the steps for all squares.

Step 5 – Fill the Corner Gaps

trimming carpet tiles

Chances are very high of having some gaps remaining unfilled on all sides. Fill this gap by trimming the carpet squares. Place a square touching the wall and mark the points where it overlaps the adjacent square. Trim the square till the measured points. Repeat the process till you get all gaps filled.

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