How to Clean Steam Iron

How to Clean Steam Iron

Here we’ll describe to you how to clean steam iron and why you should do it. It is a well-known fact that most textiles are wrinkle proof and as a result, they do not require as much ironing as in the past. Nevertheless, a good steam iron is always handy in any household. If regular city water is regularly used with a steam iron it will eventually get mineralized within it leading to insufficient steam.

The steam pores can get blocked by different deposits and starches leaving you with an ineffective sole plate which will no longer smoothly glide on the cloth and will create wrinkles instead of eliminating it. That is why it is very important to always keep your steam iron as clean as possible.


How to clean steam iron:

  1. First, you will need to clean up any deposits that has built-up on the steam iron. To get rid of the white colored deposits from the holes you need to clean up the underside. The cleaning process requires salt, vinegar, a useless towel, a cookie stand, old newspaper and old toothbrush along with some wax paper.
  2. Put the towel on a spot that is heat-proof and place the rack over it. Use white wine vinegar to fill the water tank and position the steam iron over the rack just as you would normally use your iron. Set a high steam temperature and allow the vinegar to evaporate from the steam iron. Load the water tank with tap water and let the water evaporate just as you did with the vinegar. Thus, you will eliminate all traces of vinegar and deposits from the iron.
  3. White colored minerals will be noticeable on the bottom of the iron shortly after it is steamed. When the iron is no longer hot get rid of the white deposits from the pores using the old brush. You can also use baking soda during the cleaning process and turn on the iron again to eliminate any remaining residues.
  4. You can now proceed to the bottom of your steam iron. Replace the towel on the rack with a couple sheets of newspaper. Put around ¼ cup of salt on the newspaper and rub the plate of the iron on the salt to eliminate the residues. Wipe the bottom of the iron using a moist clean wash cloth.
  5. For a slick finish use the wax paper. Heat up the iron and dump the newspaper and the salt. Put the wax paper on the towel and glide the heated iron a few times over the wax paper to get a smooth metal plate.


How to Clean Steam Iron
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How to Clean Steam Iron
Here we'll describe to you how to clean steam iron and why you should do it.
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