How to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look

How to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look

Give your face some time to breathe. Soft smokey eyes, glowing highlights, and flirtatious blushes are nice but there’s nothing more authentically beautiful and refreshing than going natural. With your makeup, that is.

Whether you’re just starting out with makeup or have been playing with it for a good while, going light and natural with your face is a timeless, classic beauty—no heavy contouring or full coverage foundation that suffocates your skin.

To get you started in assembling your “no makeup” makeup arsenal, here are the top products you’ll need to get the look:

Go for a tinted moisturizer

Foundation can feel heavy even with light coverage. If you’re not down to leave the house bare-faced, a tinted moisturizer shall do the work for you. Not only will it give you natural coverage but it will also give your skin the moisture it needs. With this, you can achieve that radiant and natural glow. Make sure to find a shade that matches your skin tone for a natural finish.


It’s okay if you have blemishes, these are normal. But if you don’t feel confident stepping out of the house as bare as this, then don’t be afraid to reach for your favorite concealer to cover up the spots.

Yes, we’re looking for the natural makeup look, however, if it would make you feel better covering up some areas, do so. But stick to the look: “no makeup” makeup. Don’t overdo the cover-up. A simple dab, tap, and blend should do the trick.

Brushed up brows

It’s 2018. Stop overdrawing your brows as if it’s still 2015. You’re going for a natural makeup look so it’s best recommended to either just brush up your brows and leave it be or fill it in lightly if necessary. Don’t fill it too strong. Use an eyebrow gel or mascara, if tinted with color the better, for an easy brow grooming that looks natural.  

Highlight to go

Since you won’t be needing contouring when going for a natural look, you can go ballistic on the highlight—but just the right amount for a “no makeup” look. This should help showcase your features.

Dab the highlight on the highest points of the face: cheekbones, the tip of the nose, corner of the eyes, and chin. Get the natural glow and dewy look with this effect.

Go natural on the lips

When it comes to the lips, you can put on a tinted lip balm and you’re good to head out. But if you want a more natural and healthy looking lips, reach for your go-to MLBB (my lips but better) shade and dab some lip balm on top to give it a nice plump.

Regardless if you only have a couple minutes to spare to get ready or feeling a more natural makeup look to don for the day, you can never go wrong with the “no makeup” makeup look. Enhance your beauty while still feeling a little made up! Any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Comment down below!


About the author: Tin is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, Australia’s leading makeup brand, the epitome of luxury, education, and glamour.

How to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look
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How to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look
To get you started in assembling your “no makeup” makeup arsenal, here are the top products you’ll need to get the look:
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