How to protect laptop with Kensington lock 7

How to protect laptop with Kensington lock

A Kensington lock is a special kind of lock made for securing expensive electronic equipment. Though they are typically used to secure relatively small mobile equipment such as notebook computers and projectors, Kensington locks can also be used to secure desktop systems and monitors.

In this article, we will show you How to protect laptop with Kensington lock


How to install Kensington Lock

  1. Find the hole for Kensington lock on your device (in this article notebook) and prepare lock head
  2. Insert the lock head inside hole 
  3. Tighten it with hex key
  4. Loop the cord around something immovable such as a pipe or a piece of furniture.
  5. Put a lock on the head and lock it
  6. Done, now is your laptop secured against theft
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