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How To Create A Microphone Using A Matchbox

DIY projects are fun and amazing activities. YouTube channel DaveHax has yet again created another mesmerizing video that will allow readers to create a microphone by making use of a matchbox along with some pencil lead.

Items that you will need to carry out this amazing feat include a battery, crocodile clips, cables and a headset or a speaker. Ready to get to work?



First of all, take out the drawer from the matchbox and make use of a sharp pencil for poking two holes onto each end of the drawer.

Now, split the pencil into two parts by using a sharp knife to remove the graphite. Now scrap a flat surface on one side by running a blade up and down the graphite.

Insert the graphite with the flat surface facing up into one of the holes in matchbox drawer (look at the picture). Repeat with the other hole as well.

Now take a smaller piece of graphite and place it flat-side-down on the top of these two longer pieces.

Connect a 9V battery to the microphone via crocodile clips.

Connect the other terminal of the battery to one channel of the earphone jack and connect a third clip between the other side of the microphone and the tip of the earphone jack.

Now connect the other battery terminal to one channel of the earphone jack. Connect a third clip between the other side of the microphone, and the tip of the earphone jack.

Put the earphones on and tap the matchbox. You can extend the microphone’s range by making use of a speaker wire. Amazing, right?


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