How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger - Make Money Online

How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger – Make Money Online

A lot of people enter the blogosphere in hopes of getting some quick internet money, only to be disappointed when they realize that this is not how things work. While blogging can be a lucrative profession, it may take quite a while until you get to this point. This is mostly because establishing your blog, building your fanbase, getting in touch with contributors and promoting your content online all take time. So, for all those who want to boost their finances until their blogging career takes off, here are five additional ideas that can help you earn some money online in the meantime.

Start with ads

It goes without saying that for a blog, the main source of income comes from ads. Therefore, you need to start by looking for programs you can apply for, and you can go down a few paths here. You should start with basics like network ads since there is not much for you to do there, other than choosing your ad network wisely.

Different networks offer different pricing models, depending on which you will get paid:

  • every time a visitor clicks on a banner ad on your blog (PPC)
  • every time a visitor, following an ad from your blog, makes an action or an acquisition (this is why the abbreviation for this model is PPA), that doesn’t necessarily include a visitor purchasing a product; it can be signing up for a subscription, downloading an e-book, installing an app. You can earn more money this way than by a previously listed method but, truth be told, it is probably not going to happen as often as with PPC
  • every time an ad has been displayed on your blog 1000 times. This model is known as PPM (pay per impression), and it’s a good choice for you if you have a lot of traffic on your blog, but the visitors don’t spend too much time there


Mastering this, you can proceed to branch out to affiliate ads (like Amazon and Clickbank). The system is pretty simple here – you are the link between a buyer and a seller, and if a purchase is made through your affiliate link – bingo, you have made yourself some profit. You should do everything in your power to make that purchase happen – writing reviews, user guides, anything that would make a potential buyer go for that product. But, there is a catch here – you should do a lot of research, choose an adequate niche and, of course, keep your blog updated regularly and make it respectable in the selected niche.

Apart from this, you might eventually get some private ads or even sponsors for your blog. The key thing is to keep in mind that, in order for the revenue of your blog to grow, you need to be on an active lookout for these opportunities. Otherwise, you aren’t going to see the profits you hoped for anytime soon.

Doing paid surveys

How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger - Make Money Online

Another great idea, for those who need a temporary money boost but don’t have a lot of time on their hands, is to look for websites that offer paid surveys. One of the things that digital marketers realized a while back is that blocking content with a survey is in no way an effective technique. This is due to the fact that this can A) cause a person to abandon the content in order not to do a survey or B) give random answers in order to access the content as quickly as possible. On the other hand, with paid surveys, this is usually not the case.

When looking for paid surveys opportunities, you should keep in mind the following two things: you are not going to earn a huge amount of money, sometimes you will even be compensated with some voucher, and you are not going to be selected for every survey, because surveys are assigned based on the targeted demographics, so you are not going to be eligible for every survey a website has to offer. Therefore, you should reach out to as many websites as possible, in order to make sure you can get enough work.

Online investing

Seeing as how you are already spending most of your free time online, why not try your hand at online investing, especially if you are a go big or go home type of person. Opportunities are many, you can go with stock trading, landing investments (where you pretty much buy a depth that is going to be repaid soon) or trying your hand at forex trading (foreign currency exchange market, which is the most liquid market out there). The list doesn’t end there.

Of course, things are not so simple, and other than being able to afford the initial investment, you’ll have to do a lot of research. Firstly, to find the trading opportunity you believe is the most suitable for you, and then, along the way, learn a thing or two about trading strategies and trends. Luck is, contrary to the popular belief,  not the most important factor in investing – knowledge is. Most importantly, however, as a layman, you have to learn how to set a stop-loss and stop-gain order. This is mostly since you don’t want to invest more than you are ready to part with.

Creative writing How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger - Make Money Online

The next great idea, especially for a blogger, is to try their hand at creative writing. Since most of their work revolves around writing content, you might want to explore your creative side a bit more and see if there is a story you’d like to tell. If there is, nowadays it’s pretty easy to get published, with Kindle Self-Publishing for example. Some platforms even allow you to publish only a few chapters of your novel for readers to access them for free (like a teaser) and if they want to read the rest, they will have to pay for each of the remaining chapters or the whole e-book.

The reason why this is particularly well-suited for bloggers is due to the fact that they can use a platform to promote their short stories, novellas, and novels and, therefore, create a symbiosis of their online activities. Furthermore, unlike with online trading, this is a line of work where you only invest your talent and your time, which makes it a low-risk-high-reward project.

Selling your own products

At the end of the day, once your blog is popular enough you can try using it to advertise your own branded products. Needless to say, it might take a while until you are actually capable of making money in this way. Furthermore, you can start with platforms such as eBay but in time, you might find it more convenient and more profitable to start your own e-store. This too is something you can easily promote through your blog and since you are already appealing to your own audience, most of these people will already qualify as low-hanging-fruit.

The digital world is full of possibilities and, while you may have your main focus there, you should never exclude other possibilities. Try to look at this situation not as a creative (which is the way in which most bloggers see themselves) but as a businessman. Diversification of your income sources gives you financial independence necessary to preserve your integrity, as well as buys you enough time to succeed. By not feeling pressured by the lack of funds, you can take your sweet time making sure your blog is exactly the way in which you want it to be. Finally, it never hurts to get an extra dollar or two on the side, does it?


How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger - Make Money Online
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How to Generate Additional Income as a Blogger - Make Money Online
A lot of people enter the blogosphere in hopes of getting some quick internet money, only to be disappointed when they realize that this is not how things work
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