How to Care for Your Lingerie and Hosiery

How to Care for Your Lingerie and Hosiery

Your intimates need some TLC. They are extremely delicate, made from nylon, lace, silk, satin and other diaphanous materials. This means you can’t throw it in the wash with your jeans. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be a good idea. Failure to treat lingerie and hosiery with the delicacy it deserves can result in it deteriorating before your very eyes. Sure, some of your intimates are meant to fall off, but not because they are falling apart. Neglect is not usually a turn on, right?


So if you want your lingerie and hosiery to look its best and save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars replacing it every year, read on. These are the best lingerie care tips for your most delicate and discreet articles of clothing.


1) Get Hands On

It’s always best to hand wash your lingerie and hosiery. This will significantly increase the lifespan of these dainty duds, and keep them looking newer, longer. To do this, follow these easy instructions:


1) Fill a basin or your sink with lukewarm water. Add in 1/4 cup of alcohol free washing detergent that’s made for handwashing. Forever New and Ivory Snow are both great options.

2) Allow your lingerie to soak for 15 minutes, and then gently rub the fabric together in order to loosen and remove dirt.

3) Allow to soak for another 45 minutes, and then rinse your garments in cool water. You’ll know you’re done rinsing when the water runs clear.

4) To dry, lay the item(s) flat on top of a towel and then remove excess water by pressing another towel on top.

5) Hang to dry.



2) If You Must Machine…

We get it: not everyone has time to hand wash their intimates. At least not every time. If this is the case, place your lingerie and hosiery in a mesh bag so that it keeps them separate from your other clothing. This will prevent them from getting tangled up, especially bras, which are susceptible to such mix ups. In fact, it’s best to keep bras in a mesh bag alone. Don’t mix them with other delicate, lacy items since the hooks can snag. Use a gentle detergent and put the machine on the delicate cycle.


3) After-Wash Strategy

Whether you’re hand washing or machine washing your intimates, never, ever wring them out. When material fibres are wet, they are often more delicate, so twisting and straining an already fragile fibre is not good for the long-term integrity of your danties.



For best results, press the item gently between two towels or one towel folded over. This will squeeze out excessive moisture. If you are dealing with a bra, do not squeeze! Reshape the cups with your hands.

In all cases, allow your lingerie and hosiery to hang to dry. Never put it in the dryer. The heat will damage the fibres and elascity.


4) Storing 101

Finally, it’s time to turn your mind toward storing your lingerie and hosiery. It’s obvious that you should avoid storing your delicates with any clothing with zippers or detailing that might snag the delicate fabric. This means bras and other lingerie should be stored separately. You don’ to buy another dresser: just buy a drawer divider so you can house bras in their own space. Alternatively, you can hang your bras in your closet. The choice is yours, but what’s important is that you don’t crush their cups.

Lingerie and hosiery are literally and figuratively some of the finer things in our lives, so treat them well, and they actually can last you a lifetime.

How to Care for Your Lingerie and Hosiery
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How to Care for Your Lingerie and Hosiery
If you want your lingerie and hosiery to look its best and save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars replacing it every year, read on.
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