How to Set up Amazon Echo Plus

How to Set up Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo plus is a smart speaker firstly launched by Amazon in 2016. Its development begins in 2010 in Silicon Valley’s Lab126. It is a combination of voice recognition with intelligent assistance capabilities as well as speaker sound functionalities. It has the cylindrical structure like a speaker and has smart technology it is made up of. Its Alexa intelligent assistant functionality is similar to Microsoft Cortana and the Apple Siri. It features 7 different kinds of a microphone with beam generating technology. This technology is designed for picking up voice instruction and commands coming from any direction and place located in a room where it is installed. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact Amazon for more information.

How it Works:

It responds to voice controls and returns information regarding products, news, music, sports, weather, and more. The main backend engine of Amazon Echo is controlled by Amazon web services that enable it to learn the preferences of family or a single individual. After learning the preferences it expands its functionality to do a particular work on a given instruction.

It is like a portable speaker and its dual downward firing speaker explore the audio with a hand free voice control system. It responds to play Amazon music tuning, i-heart radio, and Amazon premium music. It has special Bluetooth capabilities that make it capable to stream the music services like Pandora, Spotify, I-tunes from a smartphone, tablet or on any other Android devices.

What other things it can do for you?

Basically, it is a brand of smart audio speakers which has the capability to recognize your voice. It is connected with Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant for controlling its activities. The default set contains a “Wake Word” as its main instruction. You can change this word to Alexa, computer, or Echo as per your need. The activities it can perform for you are listed below:

  1. It supports Voice Interactions
  2. Perform music playback
  3. Can create to-do lists for you
  4. Do podcasts streaming
  5. Set alarm clocks for your morning wake-up or other works
  6. Play Audiobooks
  7. Provide real-time information regarding weather, traffic or any other real-life activity.
  8. You can use it as a smart automation hub for controlling smart devices in your home

Whenever you buy your Amazon Echo material it needs to follow some instructions to complete its setup. Here in this context, we define the setup process for you Amazon Echo materials. If you are thinking to buy a new Amazon Echo then read this context to learn the complete setup process. Follow all the steps precisely to set up your Echo such as:

Choose Right Placement:

To get started with your own Amazon Echo device, first of all, chose an accurate place for its installation. We suggest placing it at least 8 inches from walls as well as windows. Choose a central position for its safety in your home and having accurate functionality.

App Download:

Before actual setup, always check whether you have the latest Alexa App in the app store of your device. This free application will help you in managing your device setup, alarm clocks, your shopping list, music playlist, and others. Remember that this Alexa app is available in devices that have Fire OS 3.0 or its higher version, Android 5.0, IOS 9.0 or its higher version. Visit your app store in mobile and search for Alexa app and then select and enable the download.

Turn It On:

After completing the download and enabling the app, turn on your Echo. Plug in the power adapter from one side in Amazon Echo and from another side put it to a power socket. The light ring of your device glows with blue light and then turns into orange. Once the light adopts orange color, your Alexa will greet you for the turn on.

Enable the Wi-Fi Connectivity:

After, turning it on, now it’s time, to connect it with your Wi-Fi network. You will be prompted with connection instruction in Alexa app. Follow all the instruction to set a connection between your Echo and the Wi-Fi Network. If you get any issue with the connectivity you can plug it out and then restart to resolve the problem. If still there is a problem then reset it to its factory settings and turns it on again.

Begin the Interaction:

After a proper start-up now you are ready to use your new Amazon Echo device. Speak the “Wake Word” and then begin our natural communication with Alexa. It is set to respond to its wake word “Alexa” in its default settings but it is adjustable. You can change it anytime you need to change this wake word. For this follow the below steps:

  • Select the icon of your device
  • Choose your device, and then select Wake word you want to apply.
  • You can also do this by directly saying “Change the wake word”

Additional Settings:

Although the new Echo devices have high-quality speakers till then you can add an external speaker to it easily. You can buy a fine speaker that you want to add with your Echo device from Amazon. They provide an additional Audio cable as a separate product to buy for the connectivity. Add this audio cable as a bridge between both the devices and your speaker is connected with your Echo. It is useful when you are working far from your device and it shows information. With a loudspeaker voice you can hear the information it speaks easily. Buy its latest versions on Amazon and get started with your own smart home managing system. No worry to set your alarms, playing music as all this is done by your Alexa with its smart technology.

So it is really a useful product to make your home smart. So be an owner of a smart home with such a cool device from Amazon. Bring your Amazon Echo and set it yourself by following all the above steps easily. Become the part of the advanced world with this amazing technology product introduced by Amazon Cloud. We make sure you will be never disappointed with its facilities.


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How to Set up Amazon Echo Plus
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How to Set up Amazon Echo Plus
Amazon Echo plus is a smart speaker firstly launched by Amazon in 2016. Its development begins in 2010 in Silicon Valley’s Lab126. It is a combination of voice recognition with intelligent assistance capabilities as well as speaker sound functionalities.
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