How to improve customer support in your mobile app

How to improve customer support in your mobile app

Before we directly jump to the topic of discussion, let’s throw some light on the following figures and facts :

  • About 70 per cent of the people ends their transactions with a company/service provider owing to poor customer service.
  • Almost 65 per cent people choose a business competitor when they are looking for a change.
  • Every person who feels to be wrong by a company, in some of the other way, is going to “advertise” this to approximately 15-20 more people.
  • A major chunk of 90 per cent people who are not happy with their experience with a company would choose not to purchase from them ever again.
  • Corporates who make efforts to remedy their customer complaints make sure 85-92 per cent of their customers stays with them.

All these facts and figures clearly show one thing – the importance of customer experience and support for a corporate’s success!

Customer Support is an integral part of a person’s purchase decision, which, in turn, defines corporate success. A person’s purchase decision is directly proportional to the quality of support they experience from a corporate’s end.

They are always on the hunt for elaborate description, information, transparency and good technical support. And since most corporate houses have shifted their business on to mobile apps, it becomes even more important to provide quality support through mobile apps to people.

Therefore, when moving towards the goal of corporate success, customer support strategies need to be considered from a modern-day perspective.

Since more and more people are opting for convenience and technology over traditionality, smartphone integrated services need to be channelized in every business model.

When people do experience problems with a business while using their mobile app, if not given a good customer support, over 50 per cent of the people are likely to delete the app altogether from their devices.  

Now, let’s come to the point of discussion. How can you improve customer support in your mobile app?

There are multiple ways through which you can achieve this.

How to improve customer support in your mobile app


1.Social Media

Most corporates seem to follow a new business model, which complements the traditional customer support in a refined way. The model takes help of social media to hear out the aggrieved customers in order to solve their issues.

Today, a business who does not consider social media as a part of customer support system might lose out a lot of their customer base. Connecting directly with customers on social media are considered significantly better than those who do not. It acts as an incentive for the corporates to be online actively. This activeness helps them connect better and establish a strong foothold in the industry.

2.Help Tickets

Help tickets are another way to enhance customer support for mobile apps. Through help tickets, mobile apps that show each and every step of progress being made on a complaint filed by a consumer.

This is an effective method to make things transparent and provides benefits to both consumers and corporates at the same time. Moreover, the corporate houses can take help of software and analyze the issues automatically and fix them accordingly.

This helps the most when issues need to be resolved from a broad perspective. If the whole community has been harmed, the corporates can work on resolving the issues collectively.


Most corporates today, especially the ones providing online shopping experience are shifting to this mode of resolving customer related issues. Chatbots in the form of live Chats seem to be the upcoming trend in the realm of customer support in mobile apps.

Chatbots are run on Artificial Intelligence which enables customers to get all of their issues resolved within a matter of minutes, unlike the traditional ways where it took longer. Though not human, chatbots do provide personalization which in turn gives people satisfaction regarding all their issues.

Moreover, these chatbots tend to make fewer errors in comparison to traditional means of customer services. They are available at all times during a day, even during the non-working hours. Apart from this, customer engagement through chatbots is proactive.

Unlike other modes of customer service, chatbots initiate conversations with customers and let them know about promotional offers and other things that can enhance their purchase experience.

4.Forums and communities

Business houses have also gone out to linking their online discussion forums and communities to their apps, making the experience for customers even better. This is an effective way to enhance functioning.

Studies have shown that a major chunk of people wants to be involved in online forums and communities of brands. Even though they do not share a direct relationship with these corporates, people still want to be a part of the bigger business family.

This, in turn, helps corporates know their customers better, engage with them on a personal level and predict their needs better. The PR platform not only leads to better services for customers but also good enough revenue generation for corporates.

5.In-app messaging


Mobile app development companies should be aiming for an in-app messaging service. The prime reason for this is resolving customer issues in a quicker and easier manner.  Aggrieved customers can contact the businesses through the help of the in-app messaging features in an app and seek the help of support agents to get their queries resolved.

Its works like chatbots and other live chat options in a mobile app, however, this one is not exactly live. Under this feature, the support agents can issue a ticket number to the customers, look into the matter, and revert with a solution to the problem.

The in-app messaging works for both the parties (the customer and the business) effectively. It not only helps consumers redress their problems, but they help corporates retain their customers for long. Moreover, this aims at keeping the consumers happy.

As a mobile app development company, you must make sure the in-app messaging feature can be accessed easily on your app interface.



Always, always leave room for some FAQs. Not every problem needs a resolution from your end. You can also provide FAQs to people to read before actually filing a complaint. FAQs must be elaborative and must act as a knowledge base to them.

Common customer problems must have an FAQ for it. This might be an old concept but in the long run, it is going to save your time, energy and resources.

Most people are confused when using a mobile app for the first time or making a purchase for the first time on your mobile app and hence dealing with average problems through FAQs is going to bring less traffic of problems towards you to resolve.

Since technology is running the world today, there is absolutely no reason why corporates should stay behind. Mobile apps and technology are playing a huge part in dealing with customers for faster and personalized services.

Embracing valuable customer support in your mobile apps is surely going to enhance your business operations in a multifold manner to generate more revenues. Modern day business might have been revolutionized with mobile apps, however, hidden in all these new and unprecedented opportunities lies a traditional motto – Consumer is the king!

How to improve customer support in your mobile app
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How to improve customer support in your mobile app
Customer Support is an integral part of a person’s purchase decision, which, in turn, defines corporate success. A person’s purchase decision is directly proportional to the quality of support they experience from a corporate’s end.
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