Our mission is to help people everywhere in the world find out how to do anything.



How2db.com began in early 2017 with Tony and Mumu. The primary idea was to create a blog about the things we love to do. DIY projects and how to do it. But the blog soon became our passion. We have decided to give all people the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas, and guides. That’s why we created How2db.com – a database of how to do anything.



How2db.com is still a start-up blog from ordinary people for ordinary people. We are not funded by anyone and advertising revenue hardly covers web hosting and related expenses. But we will continue our work to bring people instructions on how to do anything. Simply because we enjoy it.



Who we are:



Tony is a founder of How2db.com, blogger, and webmaster. He is an average ice hockey player, bad guitarist and passionate canoeist. He loves camping, nature and good beer. He also loves his wife Mumu and their two-year-old son. In his everyday life, he works as an engineer in the automotive industry. He lives with his family in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and forests.



MumuMumu is a co-founder of How2db.com. She loves DIY projects, sewing, creation. She likes traveling and discovering of new places. She is a loving mother and a woman of Tony.





Special thanks to authors who are involved in the growth of this site. We are happy to have you on board!

“Without you, we would be just a blank page. Thank You”

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About How2db.com
Without you, we would be just a blank page. Thank You
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